Working with IT outsource

The trend of working with IT outsource companies is not new. This sector has undergone significant changes over the last few years thanks to rapid technological process.

Companies starting out focus on IT outsource companies for technology and infrastructure. The standardisation of platforms, the introduction of ITIL processes as well as virtualization has resulted in significantly leaner IT environments.

In recent years, cloud computing has led to the new creation of complete technology branches such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The software giant Microsoft continuously invests many billions of dollars in its cloud operating system Windows Azure to secure a piece of this future market for itself. And other technology giants such as Google, IBM and VMWare have also joined in.

IT outsource companies for the entire value chain

Large IT outsource companies provide an almost uncountable amount of services which can be distributed among two large areas: software development outsourcing and business process outsourcing.

Nowadays you can completely realise even the most complex software projects with IT outsource companies. Savvy project managers coordinate scattered working developers with techniques such as Agile software development. With sophisticated collaboration tools and video conference technology distance no longer represents the problem that it used to.

IT outsource companies have now also taken over important business processes. Activities that can be easily standardised and scaled can be given over, leading to huge cost savings. Some examples include accepting orders, data entry, technical support and billing. Business process outsourcing can save a lot of money.

The field of business process outsourcing includes two broad categories: back office outsourcing for internal business processes, and front office outsourcing for all other activities with customer contact.

Many organisations rely on IT outsource companies in other countries for this type of business process outsourcing. In comparison to challenging tasks such as software development, this is even easier. Countries with low wage rates with high levels of education are the first port of call.

50% of all IT outsource companies come from India

In the developer nation India the field of IT outsource companies has been steadily increasing for years. The country has established itself as a leading site. Thanks to far-sighted investments in technology-friendly education and the building of excellent universities, approximately three million people now work in the Indian IT industry. The Asian country now makes up more than half of the global market of IT outsource companies.

With outsourcing4work you can also find a first-rate IT outsource company in India. We can provide you with employees at a fixed price or hourly, as a dedicated employee for larger projects and, on request, as a temporary or permanent offshore branch (light) on a contract basis. We can offer you an hourly rate of six euros for qualified employees for BPO outsourcing, with up-to-the-minute billing.

When implementing complex software projects you will remain on the safe side thanks to our many years of experience and our European project managers. All contracts are concluded with us as a European outsourcing provider, even if there are employees working for you in India. This will protect you from any unpleasant surprises.