Internet research services is a relatively young field with a rapidly growing importance. The reason for this is the huge amount of information available which require specific approaches to analyse, even despite powerful search engines like Google. Internet statistics published by different sources speak for themselves.

According to Statista, the internet grows by about 200-300 million users per year. And these users generate new content. With approximately 3.4 billion users, not even half of the world’s population is active on the internet.

However, as far as the amount of data available online is concerned, this is more than enough. Each month, more than 20,000 new Wikipedia articles are added and there are currently around 1 billion websites, of which 76.5 million alone are on WordPress.

Internet research services: the search for a needle in a haystack

Nowadays, you will need expert knowledge in the field of online research in order to find your way through the jungle of the internet. Simply entering search terms into Google is just the start of a systematic search, which can take a long time depending on the topic.

Internet research service or web research service providers use target and optimised technical tools for online research, such as a sophisticated search operator for Google. However, linguistic expertise and the clever use of synonyms and relevant keywords play an important role.

In addition, knowledge of so-called topic hubs is also incredibly important for the researched topic. Top hubs include websites, directories, journalistic articles, Wikipedia entries, Facebook pages, postings or also individual documents (PDF, DOCX, etc.) such as scientific works which can provide some of the most relevant and best sources for specific topics. Finding the best possible sources of information can be an art form.

When an internet research service is worth it

Professional internet research services can be used in many areas, even if your own knowledge or your employees’ is very high. The amount of time you’ll save plays a big role, as online research can be time-consuming and expensive. Whether you are looking for very specific information on a person, product or scientific results for competitive and market analysis, for journalistic reasons or simply for a list of links on a particular topic – internet research services can save you a lot of time. Information gather in this way are also an excellent starting point for further research on your part.

And, with a professional Indian provider for internet research services, this does not need to cost much. Salaries in the Asian country are very low, and you will find a huge number of highly trained IT professionals. There are also agencies specialised in internet research services in India. Depending on the topic, you can hire an expert specialised in web research who will gather together all the required information.

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