Internet research is an important topic for many companies. However, such a search can’t be performed ‘alongside’ your normal work. There are some well-known tricks and rules to conduct good internet research: set search terms, only use in-depth sources, organise your literature and check that everything is up to date! If you take these criteria into account, even a simple market search for products, potential customers or suppliers, markets or distribution channels can be a challenging task. Internet research is usually best left to professionals who specialise in back office work such as internet searches.

Professional internet research will keep you up to date

Internet research is tedious and time-consuming – although it pays off if you know in advance what you would like to learn. Online research can produce the most important facts on topics such as competitors’ prices and products, blog articles and online publications on related topics, trends and analyses, studies and research topics and technical and statistical data such as information and contact addresses from potential clients, suppliers or partners.

The quality of the internet research results depends on the willingness of the contracting company to entrust this work to professionals. outsourcing4work is one of these professional companies who has focused on professional business process outsourcing solutions. Internet research is conducted by our partner companies in India. Clients can then decide if they need temporary employees for single projects, dedicated employees as permanent employees or personnel teams as a branch (light) in India.

Delegating internet research to external service providers has many advantages:

  • Flexibility: If you outsource internet research, you yourself define how comprehensive the search should be and how many employees should be involved. Entire teams are available as a branch (light) for larger projects. On request, internet research can be carried out in shift work, three days a week.
  • Save on time: If you use an external company for research, you avoid downtime among your own staff, along with their own training times and additional costs for overtime and weekend work.
  • Lower rates: Thanks to the difference in rates between Europe and India, internet research is cheaper when done by an external employee rather than your own employee.
  • Knowledge: Employees at our Indian outsourcing partner companies have a university degree and are highly knowledgeable and experienced in internet research.
  • Legal security: If clients work with an outsourcing service provider based in Europe, they receive the security they are used to. European project managers take over the cooperation with the Indian partner companies and are available during European business hours – and it is all based in the European legal system.

A good address for internet research

To summarise: internet research is perfect to outsource. Do you think so too? Get in touch!