HTML conversion by professionals

If you want to convert HTML, then it usually involves saving the content from the webpage while retaining the original format. But the reverse is also possible: documents of all kinds can be converted to HTML format so that they can be easily opened and read in browsers.

When converting to HTML on a large scale, which means hundreds or even thousands of pages, you will need the help of a professional. You can convert individual documents yourself, depending on the template or your target format. However, large amounts of pages will cost you so much time that it’s better to delegate.

HTML conversion by professionals

Conversion professionals have the necessary expertise and the software tools. It’s especially worth your while to take advantage of their services if you have a lot of files. They know what work steps can be automated and what might require manual post-editing. In some cases, this might mean direct editing or a clean-up of the HTML code prior to conversion, or the HTML files are first converted to an intermediate format which lets you edit them more easily. The following conversions are the most popular:

  • Converting HTML to Word and Word to HTML
  • HTML data export to Excel, or Excel data for websites to HTML
  • HTML to PDF and PDF to HTML
  • Image files to HTML, such as a slide show
  • Converting PowerPoint presentations to an HTML slide show
  • Converting HTML to PowerPoint

There are naturally many more possible formats that can be converted from or to HTML, especially for document formats that use page-based display. Printed material, such as catalogues or books, can also be scanned in and converted to HTML with the help of image and text recognition.

BPO to India: HTML conversion at low rates

Format conversion is a typical service provided by BPO (business process outsourcing). Since it usually involves very labour intensive yet simple tasks, hourly wages play a decisive factor here. Wages are especially low in countries like India, which is one of the reasons that India has established itself as the world’s most popular outsourcing location. There are a number of professional BPO providers with good references and standardised processes.

We at outsourcing4work are happy to find you a provider who will deliver you professional HTML conversion services at a low cost. We have many years of experience in the procurement of outsourcing services to India, and have an established partner network. In addition to BPO services, we also realise complex IT projects in the fields of software development and web design in India. We are experienced in the coordination of complex processes across many time zones, and can guarantee you reliable and accurate execution in accordance with your ideas.