Remote IT employees for startups

Home office as market advantage: how start-ups benefit from remote IT employees

More and more young companies are focusing on remote IT employees – and there are good reasons for this. 
Small budget, a handful of employees, but big goals: Young founders usually have innovative ideas, but few resources to put them into practice. This is where hands-on mentality is needed. Motivated and competent employees are one of the most important prerequisites for the success of the start-up. These days, know-how in IT is indispensable.   

With the boost of digital technologies, our working world has also turned 180 degrees. Huge office spaces and physical presence are often no longer necessary. Teams can now work on joint projects from anywhere in the world. Cloud-based documents, communication via chat groups and video calls have become the norm.  Remote IT employees offer many advantages, especially for start-ups. 


Success factor remote work: Remote IT employees offer these advantages for start-ups: 

  • Unlimited choice of IT specialists  
    Whether it’s UX design, Sharepoint or SAP – for every program there are IT specialists who master the technology up to the smallest detail. But the respective experts are not always available locally. In many regions, companies often have a hard time recruiting qualified IT employees. Thanks to remote work, geographical restrictions are a thing of the past. Via cloud software and with the right communication tools, you can collaborate with the best IT specialists worldwide.   
  • Lower costs for rent & co.  
    Companies in the early stages usually only have a small budget. Why should you spend scarce resources on rent and utilities?  By relying on decentralized teams as a start-up, you save costs for office space. The resources you gain in this way can in turn be invested in your product, in marketing and in qualified IT staff, taking your company to the next level
  • Motivated and committed teams 
    Many people have a half hour or longer to commute to their workplace every day. If travel times, traffic jams and waiting for delayed trains are eliminated, there is more time for leisure, family and relaxation. But it’s not just your employees who benefit from a better work-life balance. Balanced and motivated employees perform significantly better and manage their tasks more effectively. Start-ups in particular rely on quick results and an efficient way of working. Another advantage is that most employees appreciate the trust they receive from their employers. They return this appreciation in the form of commitment and passion for their own job. 
  • Teamwork & regular exchange  
    Of course, decentralized working does not only bring advantages. Personal contact is more rare in the home office, but it is irreplaceable for team building. However, chat groups, messenger and conference tools enable spontaneous and personal exchange. Even complex issues can be discussed and clarified in online meetings. Using cloud software and file sharing, digital teams can collect ideas together and give each other feedback at short notice. 
  • Digital working at the cutting edge  
    Paperwork, paper waste and cluttered warehouses have no chance in remote companies. Only the bare essentials are printed out, because most of the work happens in the Cloud. In this way, start-ups exploit the potential of modern technology from the very beginning and also make an ecological contribution. All work processes are optimized for remote work. This eliminates time-consuming digitalization and transformation debates.    


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