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    Our Full Service Recruitment Package for Hiring IT Specialists

    Talented candidates with the kind of experience you want are few and far between. Their hiring is even more challenging due to factors like the lack of response from relevant candidates on regular job portals or professionals at this level typically being well-settled in their current jobs and not thinking of moving. Also, in-house recruiters may have limited skill-sets and time to handle it.

    Hiring IT specialists requires a more sophisticated approach than conventional recruitment, namely Direct Search. Our Full Service Recruitment Package is a combination of steps where you share the requirements for the IT expert you need and we then use a direct approach to establish a relationship with the potential candidates. We also personally monitor, supervise, and coordinate the entire process of conducting screening calls, setting up interviews, etc. It reduces the time it takes to hire your expert and the effort on your part.


    Why Opt for Our Full Service Recruitment Package?

    The Full Service Recruitment Package is ideal for hiring the most suitable candidates for IT specialists. It involves a team of specialized recruiters implementing a highly strategic approach over various digital platforms to seek out, contact, and attract qualified candidates who may not be looking to switch.

    With our direct method, the ideal candidate you want to hire will bring expertise, experience, skills, and contacts – all of which will help you succeed. So, Direct Search in our Full Service Recruitment Package is a highly successful way to hire at a lower cost while significantly accelerating the process. It also has another critical benefit – discretion. All necessary measures are taken to provide confidentiality so the client’s competition is unaware of their moves.

    Choose Outsourcing4work for Direct Search

    Choose Outsourcing4work’s Full Service Recruitment Package

    Outsourcing4work is one of the most active recruitment agencies in Germany. With almost 25 years of experience in the German market, we have the expertise and resources to approach professionals matching your recruitment criteria. Our Full Service Recruitment Package is a high-involvement activity and we are your ideal partner as we use a variety of pertinent digital platforms while having a diverse skill set and broader cultural understanding.

    How Our Full Service Recruitment Package Works

    Every strategic position is different and raises its unique set of challenges, requiring a tailored approach. Once you define your candidate requirements accurately, our recruitment team managers meet with you and get all necessary clarification and insights. After this, they develop customized Direct Search and advertising strategies and execute them using various content across multiple platforms. Profiles are then tracked through an applicant tracking system (ATS), and shortlisted ones are shared with you. At your request, we set up interviews with the shortlisted candidates and help you with salary negotiations.

    How Our Full Service Recruitment Package Works

    Advantages of Our Full Service Recruitment Package

    • Reduced time-to-hire due to a proactive recruitment approach
    • Versatile skillset due to diverse & specialized resources
    • Improved quality of hire with tailored strategies
    • User persona-driven candidate search with curated sourcing channels
    Advantages of Direct Search

    Here is Why You Should Partner with Us for the Full Service Recruitment Package:

    Find Your Next Expert Through Our Full Service Recruitment Package

    Hiring IT specialists has its own particular set of demands that may push your in-house team’s limits. Don’t let that prevent you from landing the best possible candidate. Let our experienced recruiters find and hire highly qualified professionals for you through our Full Service Recruitment Package.

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