Outsourcing is worth for businesses

Let’s assume you operate an online shop. No matter what you’re selling – textiles, bags, toys or shoes – you will constantly need large amounts of high-quality photos for your shop. And the products in these images must be perfectly staged. These photos are the basic tools of your sales and play a large role in your company’s image. It is extremely important to pay attention to quality here.

Free-form selecting: professionals are the best choice for quality

The object of the photo should be the central focus of the image, and should be placed in front of a neutral background to ensure that no inappropriate background details distract the viewer. Free-form selecting means that the object is isolated from the background. The next step is placing the isolated image onto a new background with an image editing process. This is a complex operation, which is why professionals rely on trusted photo editing services: hardly any advertising does not use any free-form selecting. Advertising agencies, as well as photographers, photo studios, online shops and mail order companies are the target groups of these providers.

Professional providers let you save time and money in photo editing

However, free-form selecting photos is not as easy as many people think it is.  Living things are especially difficult to clip. Hair and fur require a lot of expertise. Delicate details can only be removed from the background with meticulous work and the right tools. In many cases it’s not only about cleanly clipping out the object, but also changing the mirroring and the shadow effects, adjusting perspectives or inserting backgrounds. Many online shops place high importance on the precise scaling of the size of an image for their shop system.

There are many complex software programs for image editing – however they take time to learn. It is also especially important to use these clipping tools if you want to have perfect results – regardless of the complexity of the source material. In addition, shop operators often have a large number of photos that need to be edited this way. It often makes sense to delegate this service to a professional company. However, this is also a cost factor for the company.

Save money when free-form selecting photos: try it with professionals from India!

What is the alternative? Buy a software program to free-form select images and train your own employees for this complicated work? Or rely on a fast and professional handling and optimise the costs? More and more companies are choosing the second option and adding outsourcing service providers into their business models. outsourcing4work offers high quality services and works with highly qualified and reputable partner companies in India, companies who are specialised in free-form selecting. There are hundreds of companies on the subcontinent which are specialised in photo editing services, and have acquired great expertise in this area. India is the top outsourcing market in the world – the local professionals have over hundreds of specially trained and experienced employees who can be flexibly hired by European companies according to order volume. These service providers offer these services at exceptional rates thanks to the large difference in salaries.  Which is a huge plus for European clients.

Your contract partner would not be these photo service providers however, which is yet another advantage! Your contract partner would be outsourcing4work. This gives clients the advantage that they have a German and English speaking project manager who can explain your project and who will take over contact to India for you. It is also important to note that the partner company is located in Europe, which means that it is based in the European legal system.