Indian Graphic Professional

If you have to frequently free-form select photos – as a photographer, media agency or company – it is worth it to use a photo specialist.

It’s the same if you have particularly complex images to free-form select which have different borders which make the task extremely difficult, yet the results still have to be perfect.

Free-form selecting images: partially or completely

When free-form selecting the background does not necessarily need to be removed from the image, nor any distracting objects. Partial free-form select removes unimportant areas of the image by minimising contrasts or sharpness, which preserves the context of the image. Knowledge and attention to detail are a must to be able to achieve good results, in comparison to simply removing individual objects.

Related and secondary tasks

If you free-form select, there are often still a large amount of additional tasks to complete. These typically include removing black points or other inaccuracies, and optimising the contrast, sharpness and brightness.

Product photos or images of objects that will be further processed later can have their background changed after free-form selecting, people or objects enlarged against a background and colour manipulated. You can also have a number of options for each picture which you can then use in various ways.

Selection criteria for the right provider

Before you free-form select your images, you should take a look at references and sample material, in addition to the rates. Results can differ with particularly demanding images. If non-destructive editing in RAW format or modifying metadata is important, this can lead to additional costs.

It is also important to pay attention to the reputation of the agency for personal or confidential material, and the precautions each provider makes for data protection.

outsourcing4work is happy to take on these tasks, and will find you an affordable and experienced graphic designer from India for free-form selecting your photos. We can make the right offer for you depending on the urgency, scope and complexity of the work. We will take over the order processing for you and you will conclude the contract with us.