Looking for Data entry solutions

Excel is ideally suited for managing lists of data. No matter if it is client or product data, or data from various departments in a company which must be collected, entered and compared: combining and administrating this data in Excel, as well as keeping it up to date, is monotonous and time consuming. No company can do without Excel data entry: it is vital for the company because an informative Excel spreadsheet – when properly valued – can provide information on costs and hidden potential.

In-house Excel data entry is not economically viable in the long run

Herein lies the problem: Excel data entry which is performed by a company on its own ties up employee resources, as employees who are actually qualified for another task have to deal with data entry as a secondary function at the company. This is not economically viable. Highly specialised colleagues pay off for a company when they do their real work, and not if they are pulled away from it to work on another activity. There is also a further point: boring routine work such as Excel data entry is prone to errors. Have you ever thought about outsourcing your Excel data entry to professional service providers?

Minimise your costs in Excel data entry

Companies delegate many business processes and outsource them to third parties: from payroll accounting up to staff recruitment, from PR up to IT outsourcing – there are many ways for modern companies to cut costs by outsourcing. The idea behind it: services previously only performed internally are now supplied by an external service provider who specialises in the area.

The advantages of this outsourcing are obvious. By outsourcing secondary functions the company can focus on its core business, as well as its own operational performance creation. A further important point is the cost savings. Cost savings will arise by reducing investment resources and by the fact that employees will not need to take part in any training. In addition, tax benefits are also a further advantage of external procurement. The benchmark for profitable outsourcing is at least 20 percent cost savings. Naturally, there are often qualitative advantages in external procurement. By deciding on a specialised provider, who is always up to date, you ensure that the process takes place using the most modern technologies. The tasks will be carried out much more efficiently and with a higher quality. In addition, through strategic partnerships new areas of business can be opened.

And there is still a further advantage: by outsourcing specific areas, such as Excel data entry, to foreign companies, you will also minimise your own risk since the outsourcing partner will take it on themselves.

Office services: India is outsourcing market number 1 in the world

Companies in India have built themselves an excellent reputation, especially when it comes to Excel data entry. India is home to many service companies which employ highly qualified IT experts and office workers for back-office work. These companies are also globally at the forefront in technical equipment. Many Western European companies have taken advantage of this product cooperation for years: They have outsourced many of their business process such as Excel data entry or data conversion, editing photos or writing product documentation. There are many good reasons to cooperate with India: from the high quality of service, to the low rates. There is no need to worry when it comes to this type of cooperation: many local workers who work in these companies earn very good rates compared to the Indian standard, as they are very highly qualified and often have a degree – some even in computer science. India has invested massively into IT education and infrastructure. The results of these efforts are visible in the centres of excellence and universities throughout the land.

You won’t need to fear any difficulties due to the different cultures: outsourcing4work will be your knowledgeable partner throughout this collaboration. The project managers employed in Europe by outsourcing4work will be responsible for the cooperation between the European company and the Indian service provider, and will be your contact partner to consult and support you during the development of the project.