Excel data entry

Most companies use Excel for data entry – Microsoft’s office application has long been the standard for data processing. Entering data from any kind of document is very simple, but also boring and monotonous at the same time.

Once the structure of the Excel sheet has been set, you have the opportunity to hand over the Excel data entry to a specialised provider.

Excel data entry – more than just typing

If you use a specialised business process outsourcing (BPO) provider for Excel data entry, this has many advantages in addition to just saving costs and resources. Unlike Word, you can’t just enter the data into Excel as text – the individual cells will need to be selected. Professionals who specialise in Excel data entry are generally faster and more accurate than normal office workers.

Thanks to many years of experience in Excel data entry, and hundreds or thousands of Excel data sheets they have created, these professionals are especially quick when using the mouse, keyboard and shortcuts. In addition, they use special import filters and formatting macros for data which already exists digitally to reduce manual typing to a minimum.

A further important point is the high number of errors in monotonous work such as Excel data entry for large amounts of data. BPO data entry specialists use the four-eye principle if needed, which means the data results will be exactly as you want later.

Data entry excel – Indian BPO outsourcing is especially affordable

Indian BPO agencies can offer significantly lower rates than their competitors in Europe entry thanks to the lower cost of wages and the fact you do not need highly qualified employees for Excel data entry.

outsourcing4work can provide you with a specialised provider for your Excel data entry project. We will also ensure that you will receive your data on time in the required format through our project managers. You will not need to worry about any legal uncertainty or inaccuracies, as you conclude the contract directly with us as a European company.