E-commerce agency develops JTL shop templates


The client

outsourcing4work was contacted by a German-based agency specialising in the development and support of online shops, which needed support in the area of PHP development. For the Agency, the employment of a permanent or freelance developer in Germany was not an option for cost reasons. Moreover, such cooperation could not have been sufficiently flexible.

The challenge

The customer’s requirements resulted in the following specifications for outsourcing4work:

  • They were looking for a PHP developer with experience in developing templates for JTL shop applications.
  • Since the developer’s workload would fluctuate in the foreseeable future, special flexibility and yet the highest degree of reliability was required.
  • In order to meet the often high demands and tight deadlines of the agency customers, communication with the developer had to function smoothly at all times and guarantee impeccable work results.

Our approach

outsourcing4work was able to meet these requirements with the following approach:

  • outsourcing4work first presented the customer with a selection of suitable PHP developers from our staff pool in India. Using test tasks and interviews, the customer selected the expert best qualified for his purposes.
  • outsourcing4work then defined the planned work process together with them and the agency. The customer took over the project management.
  • The project is monitored and controlled using the Kanban method.
  • JIRA software is used to organise the upcoming development tasks.
  • A cloud-based time recording software provides the customer with up to date screenshots of the developer’s screen every three minutes. They form the basis for minute-based accounting of the working time performed. In addition, the customer can see the current status of the work at any time.

The result:

  • The Indian PHP developer works professionally and efficiently. The developed JTL shop templates meet or exceed the expectations of the customer.
  • Right from the start, communication between the customer and the developer was pleasingly uncomplicated. Should questions arise at any time, outsourcing4work is always available as a moderator.
  • Thanks to the flexibility of the Indian developer and thanks to the existing resources of outsourcing4work, the agency copes with both order peaks and reduced demand without any problems.
  • The costs for the agency are far below those of employing a PHP developer permanently or freelance in Germany.
  • outsourcing4work acts as the German contractual partner of the agency and relieves it of any organisational or administrative obligation for this employee.

This provides the agency with the necessary support in the development of JTL shop templates in excellent quality and at very competitive conditions.

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    Reach our goal together

    As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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