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    What is an SMM Audit?

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) audits are performance reviews of your social media profiles. These audits utilize research tools combined with a series of steps that evaluate your business’s online presence. They enable you to assess your social media marketing strategy and provide information regarding optimization potential. A thoroughly conducted social media audit is a report that checks all metrics and outlines opportunities that can help boost your presence on social platforms.

    Conducting a social media audit regularly is ideal for checking whether or not your social media profiles are optimized to support your business goals.

    SMM Audit

    Why Auditing Social Media Profiles is Essential

    Several reasons make SMM audits a necessity to compete in the digital world. A thorough social media marketing audit helps you:

    • Measure performance metrics
    • Indicate optimization strategies
    • Check content quality
    • Improve visitor engagement
    • Boost sales revenue

    What’s in Our Free SMM Audit Report

    Technical SEO Audit

    Our social media experts conduct a thorough audit of your profiles. They develop an analysis report including:

    Technical-assessment-of-social-media-profiles Technical assessment of social media profiles
    Quality-and-relevance-review-of-content Quality and relevance review of content
    Design evaluations-and-recommendations  Design evaluations and recommendations 
    Competitor-analysis Competitor analysis by activity, audience, and engagement metrics

    The audit also contains our suggestions for optimizing your profile together with indicating priority resolution requirement for critical issues.

    Free Social Media Marketing Audit by Outsourcing4work

    Nowadays, businesses promote their products and services over various social media channels. Recent studies indicate that 91% of consumers who engage with social media profiles visit the associated websites afterwards. In other words, a huge chunk of traffic directed to your website or e-store comes from social media platforms. But that only happens when your social profiles are fully optimized to receive visitors and direct them to your website. This audit is a useful social media management tool to optimize profiles and improve your conversion rate.


    We audit the following social media channels for you:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • TikTok
    • Pinterest and more
    • Pinterest and more

    What We Need to Audit Your Social Media Marketing Channels

    To conduct a full-scale social media audit, we need you to fill out our social media audit form. This form collects generic information about your business, URLs of your social media profiles, email address, etc., to help us prepare your SMM audit report.


    How to Leverage Our Free Social Media Audit

    Our social media marketing audit will prove useful to:

    benefits icons Identify your business goals
    benefits icons Develop a robust SMM strategy
    benefits icons Create relevant content
    benefits icons Boost your engagement
    benefits icons Increase your followers
    benefits icons Improve brand awareness and loyalty
    benefits icons Compare your KPIs with competitors
    benefits icons Run targeted ad campaigns
    benefits icons Optimize your conversions

    Why Choose Outsourcing4work for SMM?

    Our experts ensure top-notch social media marketing and management practices that increase the engagement of your content and often result in customer advocacy
    We implement a result-oriented strategy to get optimal results for SMM to boost your brand, gain engagements, promote sales, and get conversions
    Our SMM packages are flexible and ideally customized to accommodate your particular social media needs
    toolsTools & Trends
    We utilize the top tools to analyze the performance of your social media channels, keep up with trends, and adjust marketing and management plans for your profiles accordingly
    We offer cost-effective social media marketing and management services because of our global access to diverse professional resources
    We focus on providing timely responses to queries and comments on your profiles which directly improves customer experience and brand loyalty
    We ensure weekly and monthly SMM analysis and progress reports to keep you updated with important metrics
    Data ProtectionData Protection
    We set the highest standards for the protection of your data. Internal data protection officers guarantee compliance with the European data protection basic regulation (GDPR) in all work processes

    Ready to Get your Free SMM Audit?

    Book a full audit of your social media profiles over major platforms free of cost. With our elaborate social media audit report, be aware of any marketing strategies working against your business goals. You can identify these shortcomings in your social media marketing efforts and optimize your profiles accordingly. This report is a helpful tool for monitoring and managing your SMM. Avail of our free audit today and start improving the performance of your social media profiles.

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