Digital agency creates websites with Indian Wordpress developer

Digital agency in co-operation with a publishing group


The client

A digital agency in the association of a broadly positioned publishing group creates, among other things, websites for its customers. For this, they are required to have long-term support, especially in WordPress development. For such projects, customers usually provide small to medium budgets, but still expect professional results. WordPress developers on the German market often do not offer the flexibility required by the client or demand hourly rates well above the client’s possibilities. Therefore, the agency contacted Outsourcing4work.

The challenge

The agency sent Outsourcing4work a briefing with the following requirements:

  • They were looking for a WordPress developer available at short notice for a long-term, part-time job.
  • They should have extensive experience in WordPress and work on smaller and larger projects with the same commitment and creativity.
  • The customer wanted German as the project language so that the upcoming development tasks would not have to be translated into English in advance.

Our approach

Outsourcing4work was able to meet these requirements with the following approach:

  • Right at the beginning of the cooperation, our coordinator screened available and suitable WordPress developers from our partner company in India. He presented the most suitable candidates for the tasks mentioned above to the client for selection.
  • The client selected his preferred candidate after online interviews and based on test items that very well reflected the real tasks in their projects.
  • Furthermore, the coordinator provided organisational support and almost completely relieved the Agency of the otherwise necessary administrative support of new, internal staff.
  • And last but not least, the coordinator took over the definition of the work tasks.
  • Kanban was chosen as the method for project management. JIRA software is used to organise and process the development tasks.
  • A cloud-based software displays the work of the developer every three minutes on a screenshot that can be viewed by the client. This allows the agency to follow the progress of the development and to receive a minute-by-minute invoice for the time spent on it.
  • The actual work process is organised as follows:

    • The agency enters its development tasks in JIRA Backlog.
    • The developer checks the entries and completes them with their estimation of the required processing time and the procedure they recommend.
    • The customer checks the developer’s proposals and releases them. Possible questions or different assessments are discussed and clarified in a meeting.
    • The developer takes the tasks released for the next steps from JIRA Todo and processes them. After completion, they return them to the agency.
    • Every day an online meeting is held in which the developer reports on the current status of their work and discusses possible questions about upcoming tasks.

The result:

  • The Indian WordPress developer delivers work results that convince both the agency and its clients.
  • They are available to the agency as a permanent, part-time employee, identifies with their tasks and works as a full team member.
  • Thanks to the work of our coordinator, the cooperation of the German-speaking customer with the developer is uncomplicated. Language barriers or mental misunderstandings do not play a role.
  • The attractive conditions, at which Outsourcing4work can offer the developer’s work, strengthen the agency’s position with its customers.

The cooperation in the constellation described above shows that Indian IT specialists can be an interesting option for companies of all sizes. However, this requires a careful selection of suitable specialists and the optimal support of clients and employees by expert personnel service providers.

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    Reach our goal together

    As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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