Team of IT developers

There are many types of IT developers and the number of available technologies and applications is virtually unlimited. If you are in the lucky position of knowing exactly the technical requirements of your sought-after IT developer, then read on. IT developers can significantly differ in procedure, character and personality, even if their technical knowledge is identical.

Suppose you are looking for an IT developer experienced in C++, C#, Assembler as well as having experience in application development with Delphi development environment from Embarcadero. You can distinguish between the following profiles when making the decision.

“Full Stack” IT developer or specialist

A Full Stack IT developer has detailed and thorough knowledge in all important areas for IT development. They can help you in all areas from idea to conception, development, software development, debugging up to delivery and service. Full Stack IT developers have a much wider range of programming languages, techniques and certifications in store, and have more experience. Accordingly, a Full Stack IT developer is also more expensive.

In contrast, a specialised IT developer is very experienced in a certain area. Large projects can only be implemented in teams as they can cope with specific problems better.

The Workaholic

IT developer workaholics almost live at the workplace. They are willing to do overtime, work on weekends if necessary and work on programming and further education in their free time. They like to boast about the total lines of code they have already developed. Workaholics work determinedly and reliably, even on very repetitive tasks, and work on bugs until a solution is found. These IT developers are indispensable workhorses for large projects. However, you can’t expect too much creativity during design from this developer.

The Researcher

These IT developers are always learning new approaches and are always on the lookout for the best overall solution. These would-be perfectionists place high value on optimum specification and will continuously challenge the purpose and methodology throughout the course of the project. Creative and ground-breaking developments are essential for researchers. Planning, deadlines and costs are not their thing.

The Architect

This character brings a vast experience and wide knowledge with them and can lead teams with their natural authority. This kind of IT developer is less interested in the smaller details than in the big picture and seemingly unsolvable problems that threaten the success of the project. They usually cannot program as well as their colleagues, but have great communication skills as a Scrum Master in team management.

The Googler

Googlers are IT developers who like to look for ready-made solutions and modules. Rather than relying on existing knowledge, they prefer to look for code elements or program components on the internet which can be woven into the ongoing project. This approach often leads to quick and affordable results, but also fragmented and average program code. This type of IT developer is a great asset for standard solutions and small projects.

The All-Rounder Lone Wolf

This IT developer is a classic nerd who loves to work alone. They can be a Full Stack IT developer, although they don’t have to be, and can fully implement small projects from start to finish. Standardisations, code quality and predetermined work techniques are not really their thing. They work like a mole towards the target until they reach their results on time. If they fall out the project often stands still, because no one but the developer understands where they left off.

We will find the right IT developer

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