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Product data collection is one of the daily administrative tasks that are necessary for many companies but still represent an unpleasant routine. Product data collection is usually a tedious work that is characterised by repetition. Product data collection is a task that one would therefore prefer to delegate. But to whom?

Product data collection: A routine task that is best outsourced

We arrange services in the area of processing and back-office applications and thus relieve you of routine administrative work: product data collection, but also data preparation, database maintenance, data processing, form entry or even the maintenance of catalogue data are part of our business. In this way, we create freedom for you to concentrate on your core business. We proceed as follows: Outsourcing4work has very reliable partner companies in India, which in turn employ highly qualified clerks in permanent positions, relieving you of tedious routine office work.

We offer you various models of cooperation:

  • Dedicated personnel: An employee permanently does work for you – for as long as you need him or her, or your project takes time.
  • Temporary staff: You will receive support for a predetermined period of time and, if you wish, even beyond that – invoicing will be on a minute-by-minute basis.
  • Branch Light – If there is more work to be done, you can have a whole team to do the work for you. On request, also over the weekend.

The cooperation with us in the area of product data collection brings you further advantages:

  • Favourable price-performance ratio: Due to the wage gap between India and Germany, we can offer you qualified services such as product data collection at an excellent price.
  • Support from German-speaking coordinators: Our team will not only be happy to advise you and explore various possibilities for cooperation in the area of product data collection, but we will also support you in cooperation with Indian partner companies. Cultural and language barriers to cooperation are no longer obstacles.
  • Risk protection: Our company is headquartered in Darmstadt. You are therefore dealing with a German partner company; German contract law applies.

Have we convinced you?

We provide you with professional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) experts from India to handle product data collection. Do you have questions about our business model? Just get in touch with us. We would be pleased to consult you in a personal conversation about your individual solution for product data collection.

Reach our goal together

As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.

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    Reach our goal together

    As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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