Online data collection

Duty or profession? Online data collection requires competence and meticulousness

In many companies, online data collection is seen mostly as an annoying task that must be performed by necessity. In an even worse case, it is completely neglected, with numerous negative effects such as incomplete or incorrect data sets, wrong decisions, unsuccessful marketing campaigns, angry customers, etc.

For Outsourcing4work online data collection is one of the core tasks of the BPO area. We know how reluctant companies are to deal with such “time wasters”.

What does online data collection mean?

Online data collection includes the collection and/or input of any data available online into systems of our customers’ choice. Examples of suitable data sources for online data collection are

  • PDF documents or catalogues
  • Picture archives
  • Databases
  • Digital directories and lists
  • Websites
  • Books published in digital form
  • Survey or study results
  • Forms, etc.

We collect data from these sources quickly and accurately in databases, lists, Excel sheets or any other format you require.

Our working method with strict security measures and standardised processes offers protection against unauthorised access or outflow of your valuable data at all times. In many cases, we are better able to protect their confidentiality with our online data collection than if you process your data yourself with your own employees, but less comprehensive protection mechanisms.

If you wish, we can record your entire data stock twice, in parallel, by different employees. The comparison of the two resulting data sets reliably reveals possible input errors. After the subsequent correction, we can largely rule out incorrectly recorded data.

Maximum performance at maximum price?

Not with Outsourcing4work! With our special “Outsourcing made in Germany” concept, we ensure that the efficiency and quality of our data collection do not have to lag behind any other provider, regardless of whether they work in Germany or at one of the top Outsourcing locations worldwide.

Contracts under German law create the legal certainty you are accustomed to when working with German business partners. The reliability and good reputation of Outsourcing4work GmbH, a German company established on the market for more than 25 years, offers you the guarantee of an efficient and reliable service provider at all times.

Nevertheless, thanks to our long-standing business relations with well-known partners in Pakistan and India, we can offer our services at conditions you will hardly find at other German companies.

Take our word for it!

Online data collection is not a tiresome obligation for Outsourcing4work! We are up to the big and biggest challenges in online data collection as well as small and demanding tasks. Test us! We will be happy to advise you as soon as possible.

Reach our goal together

As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.

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    Reach our goal together

    As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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