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Excel data collection made to meet needs:

We relieve you and create professional solutions

The computer program Excel is ideal for managing data lists. No matter whether it is customer or product data or the data from different departments of a company that has to be collected, compiled and compared: to bundle, administer and keep this data up to date in Excel is usually a recurring and monotonous, but nevertheless an absolutely necessary task. It is important for a company but regularly ties up staff resources and causes costs because highly specialised colleagues are drawn away from their actual tasks during this routine activity. Here it can be a sensible alternative to Outsourcing the Excel data collection to a professional service provider.

Minimise your costs for Excel data entry

You cannot and do not want to do without Excel data entry, yet you do not want to burden your own employees with this time-consuming routine work? Then we should get to know each other so that you can make use of the services of Outsourcing4work in the future. We at Outsourcing4work take care of professional business process Outsourcing solutions: We offer to take over your Excel data entry. For this purpose, we co-operate with specialised partner companies in India and elsewhere, to whom we pass on these and similar back-office services. The advantage for you: Your own employees do not have to neglect the work for which you have hired them, because you delegate the Excel data collection to external parties. You can use these externals exactly as required.

This is how Outsourcing4work can support you with Excel data collection

  • You use service providers specialised in Excel data collection flexibly depending on the project. The scope of work is determined according to your ideas.
  • Idle time is avoided, you do not have to pay overtime, invoicing is accurate to the minute.
  • Depending on your needs, you will receive one or more qualified and motivated employees on a temporary – or permanent basis. On request, entire teams are also available to you as “Branch Light”.
  • All employees of our partner companies are very competent. All of them have a university degree – some even in computer science.
  • You use efficient service providers.
  • Excel data collection: On request in three-shift operation, seven days a week.

Questions? We will gladly take the time for a personal consultation!

Do it like the big players in your industry: Many international companies have been relying on Outsourcing solutions for years. They have outsourced many of your business processes – be it Excel data entry, catalogue processing services or catalogue management – to India and are enjoying the many benefits that this huge country, which is home to so many highly qualified IT experts, can offer you. We are happy to support you in your cooperation with our Indian partners, we will take care of the coordination of your project in your interest. Give us a call or make an appointment for a personal meeting: We are available during normal office hours and will be happy to assist you.

Reach our goal together

As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.

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    Reach our goal together

    As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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