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Efficient and professional data extraction

Modern companies and their managers face the challenge of making decisions every day. And the more extensive these decisions are, the more data is included in the decision-making process. This is no problem as long as the required data is complete, correct and available in the required format. But what if decisions require heterogeneous data that first have to be collected, selected, linked and interpreted? Then either sufficient resources are needed and tied up to perform this often labour and time-consuming work. Or data extraction is delegated to specialists who can find relevant data for individual decisions in a short time from a wide variety of sources and in sometimes unmanageable amounts of data and filter it out. In this way, they create the basis for informed decisions and often virtually priceless business benefits.

Versatility counts:
Data extraction from Outsourcing4work

When extracting data, limitations to individual technologies or sources are usually of little help. Instead, data often has to be found, merged, evaluated and consolidated from different stocks, in different quality and in various formats. Only service providers who have specialists in the most diverse areas of data extraction can work really efficiently.

Outsourcing4work offers decisive advantages here. With long-standing business relations to reliable partner companies in Pakistan and India as well as with a highly qualified German-speaking staff, Outsourcing4work can solve almost any data extraction task. Here is a selection of the services offered:

  • Data extraction from the Internet
  • Data extraction from PDF and other documents
  • Extraction of data from databases
  • Collection of metadata on selected products, markets or other topics
  • Search for selected information and educational content
  • Filter and transfer data available online or in databases in tables and charts
  • Obtaining information on news and the latest trends and developments
  • Search for company and business data
  • Obtaining market information, for example on product launches, prices or sources of supply
  • Data extraction from corporate statements and blogs
  • Compilation of provider, customer, email or contact data
  • Collection and evaluation of business news and press releases
  • Competition, market and customer observation including evaluation and interpretation

Such a service portfolio requires competent specialists and flexible capacities that hardly any company can provide itself. In many cases, therefore, Outsourcing data extraction to competent service providers such as Outsourcing4work is the better solution. They work faster, cheaper and less error-prone and deliver higher quality overall. Whether for focused samples or for comprehensive data and information collections: you will no longer be affected by poor work results, capacity bottlenecks or tight budgets. With our special concept “Outsourcing made in Germany” you will always benefit from the competence, flexibility and quality of our large pool of excellently trained employees.

Make the right decision!

You too can benefit from Outsourcing made in Germany. As an established German company, we offer you German contact persons, German-language project support, contracts in German and according to German jurisdiction and the certainty that you will be optimally supported from the first contact to the successful completion of your project. Concentrate on your core business and the questions that are crucial to it and leave the data extraction to Outsourcing4work. Our service and our conditions will convince you.

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    Reach our goal together

    As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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