Better value: the outsourcing4work pricing models

Especially fair payment for outsourced data collection, data entry, data research or data optimization can give some project managers a headache. Your task is to achieve pre-defined project goals while adhering to fixed budgets and schedules. On top of this, you must find external partners who can provide excellent work at competitive prices.

But even ifadvance payments aren’t usually required for manual data collection, many clients take serious risks in this area. After all, the work of external data acquisitionproviders is almost always part of more comprehensive project processes, and set schedules and budgets mean that changing the commissioned service provider mid-project is nearly impossible. Even if it is not clear until after the work has started that the provider can’t deliver the expected results or that the costs will far surpass the original calculation.

To eliminate this concern for you as a client, outsourcing4work has developed two very transparent and risk-free pricing models for you.

Billing that is exact to the minute – and you know what we do

Billing based on the hours worked gives you the certainty that you are only paying for the actual services rendered. Our employees record their working hours to the minute. Asthe client, youcan always track online how much and at what times your team members are working and how much total work has been done for your project.

You can also keep an eye on the quality of our work and your project’s level of completion.We’ll keep you up to datewith daily updates of our work results. This way, you always know exactly what has been accomplished and what remains to be done.

And for even more detailed insights into the ongoing work, you can request to receive screenshots from each of your team members automatically every few minutes. This enables you to check anytime who is working on what, whichtasks can be done quickly and which ones may require more time.

Something you can rely on: fixed price billing

For many projects, you can opt for a pre-agreed fixed price instead of hourly billing.

For this option, we discuss your requirements and the desired work results beforehand. Based on these, we calculate the necessary labor time and thescope and contents of the services we will provide and give you a quote for these. Once this budget is agreed on, it is not exceeded by us. Unless, of course, you are so happy with our work that you assign us additional tasks.

The fixed price option thus enables both absolute planning security and the necessary flexibility to react to additional requirements or changes in the project plan at any time.

With this, we offer you the security and good feeling of a successful partnership.

Let us know your requirements! And look forward to having them exceeded!

Regardless of which model you choose: You will always receive an attractive offer from us. Although we only have experienced, well-educated data collectors and competent, German project managers on our team, our hourly rates start as low as €6 for English- and €15 for German-speaking staff. Ask about our offers and compare these with those of other service providers! We are convinced that we set market standards for manual data collection and data entry with both our prices and the quality of our work.