Indian professionals for data entry

Data entry is a popular outsourcing activity. English plays a special role here as the worldwide business language, even among in European companies. In the context of business process outsourcing (BPO), you can easily outsource your English data entry to India. Ultimately, English is spoken as the national language by many Indians.

Indian professionals for data entry: English and affordable

In India, the middle class speaks English very well, due to an excellent education in private schools and universities. Many of these highly educated Indians now work in the global outsourcing business, and offer international clients an excellent opportunity to reduce costs for this time-consuming work. Data entry is one such area.

Data entry is a part of data collection, and requires the use of specially trained employees. Data entry can include any kind of handwritten materials such as surveys or order cards – anything that cannot automatically analyse itself.

The work process is typically divided into four work stages:

  • The paper originals are usually in an identical format and are large number of them are digitised in a special scanner or by photographing them.
  • Information is automatically read and saved as text or characters through optical character recognition (OCR).
  • The fully digital information is then presented to two different workers to check and review it. They will have an overview of the template, the digital image as well as the recognised text and will need to confirm the imported data is correct or fix any mistakes. Any documents not recognised by the software will need to be entered manually via a keyboard.
  • The data stored on the optimised databases is then put in the format specified by the client and secured.

Cost savings by using outsourcing

If you are looking for affordable English data entry professionals from India, we at outsourcing4work can provide you with a specialised provider. The contract is concluded with us for your legal certainty, and we ensure proper implementation. We also ensure that you will receive your data on time in the required format thanks to our project managers.