Minimise your effort in data conversion

Data entry, data management and data conversion: these are all very important, yet unpopular, topics for every company. Lots of data – no matter if product or customer data, sales documents or order data – can be found in large amounts, but it is often not in a uniform or electronically readable format. Instead, you will find handwritten entries in questionnaires, returned lottery postcards, receipts on thermal paper – none of which are suitable to store long-term nor able to found quickly. In reverse, this also means that this data first needs to be put into a format or transferred into another format to be able to be read, processed and stored for the long-term.

Minimise your effort in data conversion

This is called data conversion. The challenge for companies is always the same: regardless if this data is bundled together in programs like Word and Excel, if it needs to be saved in XML, SGML or HTML formats, or if microfilms and microfiches need to be available in the future as digital formats.

Converting data is a time-consuming and monotonous task which typically can be outsourced to a specialised service provider. Many of these companies are based in India and are specialised in business process outsourcing. This means they will take over typical back office services such as data conversion. The advantage for clients is that your own permanently employed employees will be able to work on the core business, and unpopular data conversion will be delegated to external workers who can be used exactly as needed. But there are also other benefits to outsourcing:

  • Cost reduction through cooperation with India, a low-wage country
  • Transparency of ongoing cost by revealing hidden costs
  • Decreasing capital by relieving the budget load by outsourcing, and high savings in employee costs
  • Risk minimisation by transferring risks to a third party
  • Focusing on the core business by outsourcing time-consuming work processes
  • Increase in quality by taking advantage of the technical expertise of a third party

Many companies take advantage of the benefits of targeted outsourcing

Numerous large companies have been benefiting from outsourcing for years: they have outsourced many of their business processes like data conversion. Any kind of concern towards outsourcing is unfounded in the majority of cases: the many Indians who work in these companies earn very good rates compared to Indian standards as they are highly qualified and have completed a degree – some even in computer science. India has invested massively in IT education and infrastructure. The results of these efforts are visible all over the country, and have been accepted by European and American companies.

Flexible billing models provide clients with full flexibility: depending on the size and need of the project, clients can hire one or more qualified and motivated employees on an hourly basis – or permanently. On request, entire teams can also be created. You will not notice that they are not located in your own company, and instead thousands of kilometres away – modern information superhighways and globalisation has made it possible.