Data collection with Indian professionals

Professional data collection is indispensable in the business world. High quality data is like a modern currency in the information age, and can decide the success or failure of a company.

In contrast to very complex tasks such as software development, data collection requires less expertise and is perfectly suited for outsourcing to countries with low wages. Depending on the type of data collection which is being done, special tools and expertise might be required.

Data collection is not the same data collection

Data collection is often more than just entering a simple series of numbers in Excel spread sheets. There are many complex types of data collection- from manual data collection, to automated data collection and even online data collection.

Manual data collection follows the four-eye principle and is used for all kinds of paper-based documents. This can be hard-to-read documents, forms filled out by hand and other documents. A special form of manual collection is the parallel comparison with existing databases. Existing entries are expanded or corrected, or new entries are created.

Automated data collection relies on photographed originals from which the data is then automatically extracted with OCR software. Such systems are often used for postal services. Software solutions that have been somewhat heavily customised are then needed, depending on the document type, language and data destination. In addition, automated data collection requires a manual post-processing of all those cases in which the software failed.

Online data collection refers to data sources reached over the internet, from which data is then taken either manually or using certain software tools. Typical cases are websites, online image archives, catalogues or also specific online queries.

Data extraction as a special form of data collection

New data files can be produced either automatically or partially automatically from existing data sources thanks to data extraction. Software tools which already exist or which are created specifically for this purpose are used, which can work through large or many files according to specific criteria. They then save the results in the specified data format. Conversion tools for file formats and data-mining software often play a special role here. Lot of experience and specialist knowledge are required for successful data collection, as well as for the subsequent data processing.

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