Solution for Data capture

Data entry and document management – both fall under the term ‘data entry’ and are services that are annoying tasks for many companies. No matter if client or product data, questionnaires, business cards, coupons, delivery notes or data from various departments in a company to be collected and compared: this is generally a repetitive and monotonous, but nevertheless absolutely necessary. It is important to combine and administrate this data in a short time, and at the same time keep various media such as forms, documents, audio texts and emails up to date.

Data entry: a tedious chore people love to delegate

Fast, efficient and flexible data entry is important for companies but regularly ties up employee resources and leads to higher costs, because qualified workers are taken away from their actual tasks.

In addition, it is easy to make mistakes in routine work. It makes sense to outsource data entry to a professional service provider, to not burden their own employees in departments and to avoid any unnecessary risks. Those who outsource minimise their own risk by transferring the risk to the third-party.

Smart business owners minimise their costs for data entry

The requirements to be a professional service provider in data entry are varied:

  • Speed: Data entry, even though there are large amounts of data to be entered, must be done quickly to keep the system up to date without any long transitions.
  • Security: Data security is priority number one for sensitive client data.
  • Quality: Professional and reliable service providers who do not make mistakes in data entry are highly sought after. Tough service level agreements guarantee performance, availability and quality.
  • Flexibility: Efficient workflows for data entry must be adapted to changing requirements. Large amounts of data need to be worked through in a short amount of time – for example for catalogue shipping, after trade fairs or coupon promotions – while there will also be times with hardly any data to enter, which means it is important to avoid overcapacity.
  • Transparency: Transparency and controlling must be ensured through certification processes, online monitoring, reports and review meetings.
  • Rates: Efficient processes shouldn’t be expensive. When outsourcing data entry companies do not only reduce costs, but they also have full transparency of them, as the costs which were hidden are now easily visible with outsourcing.

Can you not do without data entry in your company, and do not want to give this time-consuming and boring work to your own employees? Then a professional business process outsourcing provider is an excellent option.

Outsourcing to professional service providers as an alternative

Many of these service providers are based in India – currently the largest outsourcing market in the world. A large part of these business process outsourcing companies are specialised in data entry, and employ highly qualified staff. These external employees can be perfectly used for projects of every size and for any need – they also work at low rates thanks the difference in salaries between Europe and India. The advantages for clients: you avoid downtime, you won’t have to pay your own clients any overtime and the invoices are minute-exact. You will work with an efficient service provider whose error rate is extremely low. Data entry can be done in different levels of quality: on request data cleaning and the data collected can be validated, the data is then provided in the desired format.

Cooperation with Indian companies is becoming increasingly important

Whoever wants to contact Indian companies for data entry can get in touch with outsourcing4work. Our project managers who are based in Europe will talk through every detail of your data entry project with you, and they will be in charge any developments with the Indian partners.