Current challenges in software development


Software development 2021: These trends move the industry

The Corona Crisis turned the world upside down. Entire teams moved to home offices, collaborative tools are becoming more popular, and online commerce is more in demand than ever. In short, digitization is on the rise. But all these achievements also bring new challenges.   

To stay innovative and keep up, companies need one thing above all: experienced and qualified IT specialistsHowever, the necessary expertise is not always available in companies. With know-how, expert knowledge and agile methods, the right specialists help to master the challenges of the software industry and establish new technologies in companies.   


Software development on the rise: These are the top trends in the industry for 2021   


Cloud solutions  

In 2021, software will continue to migrate to the cloud and platform solutions will gain in importance. There is still room for improvement here, especially in industry, for example in the area of industrial production or supply chain management. In the near future, several companies from the same market segment will probably share platforms in order to increase their effectiveness. For software development, this means that individual solutions are losing their appeal, while agile communities around IT and software are playing an increasingly important role. Cloud solutions offer many advantages: scalability, flexibility and costefficiency are just a few of them.   


Data security  

When many people access different data and documents from different locations, data security naturally becomes more important. Software programmers and IT specialists must therefore address the question of how they can effectively protect systems from unauthorized access. At the same time, if companies are overly cautious, they run the risk of slowing down technological progress. 



It’s no secret that online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. But the Corona crisis created a sharp rise here too. In Germany, online retail grew by 15 percent in 2020. Online stores are mushrooming, new digital sales markets and sales channels are urgently sought, and the market for e-commerce software is growing. New technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, in-store navigation and the use of voice assistants are expected to further improve the shopping experience. A stop in the growth of the online retail sector is not in sight in 2021 either: the global market for e-commerce software is estimated to grow by 16.3 percent per year until 2027.   


AI and hyperautomation   

Companies across all industries are striving for efficiency and cost savings. Automation and the use of artificial intelligence in software development will therefore continue to gain momentum in 2021 and drive faster work processes. Thanks to Robotic Process Automation, to give an example, it may already be possible to automate simple manual workflows based on algorithms. But the aim is to go even further: Hyperautomation refers to the plan to automate all conceivable work processes in the company through the use of machine learning and AI.  


Programming language Rust 

One of the most popular programming languages at the moment is Rust. The internet platform Stack Overflow also named it the most popular programming language for the fifth year in a row. Rust is mainly used for Big Data and Machine Learning and thus often replaces Python. This is because Rust can score with some performance advantages here.   


5G and Internet of Things  

Thanks to the 5G mobile communications standard, the Internet of Things (IoT) will become the norm in 2021. Even if it will still take a while before 5G becomes widespread, networked companies already have a clear advantage. Connected technologies and faster transmission speeds are enabling completely new applications that are revolutionizing logistics. Real-time control of the supply chain is the hallmark of Industry 4.0.   


Sustainability in IT  

Sustainability has already been one of the top topics across all industries in recent years. In 2021, this topic will also experience its breakthrough in the IT industry. Two approaches are currently occupying IT experts and executives:   

  1. How can green IT be implemented? For example, how can information technology be made more durable and more resource-efficient?
  1. How can software solutions help drive sustainability in other areas of the company?

Intelligent IT solutions could, for example, help to make supply chains more efficient and reduce the amount of materials used in production or transport. Companies could also reduce their CO2 emissions and significantly improve their ecological footprint as a result.   


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