Creating an online catalogue

If you want to create an online catalogue you are spoiled for choice. There are many ways to get an online catalogue – however, not every approach is suitable for professional results. Here you can have a small overview of the various options.

Creating an online catalogue: the traditional way

Traditional catalogues have been replaced in many areas by online directories that do not have a lot in common with the basic idea of a catalogue. Although a format focused on creating a visually appealing page is still used in the digital age.

Desktop publishing applications (DTP) are used, such as QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher, with which graphic and design heavy documents can be created, similarly to a word processor. Unlike word processors, in DTP applications are filled with multiple free-floating content frames for text or images. Special tools simplify the work for the often very complex design.

Page size, fonts, colours, backgrounds, spacing and many other settings are then defined to ensure a consistent look. The pages then only need to be filled with content and formatted.

Creating an online catalogue as a print-ready document

With the help of a layout which has been optimised for printing, an online catalogue can be easily made. This is often available in the form of image files and in PDF formats, which is then displayed as an online catalogue or made available for download.

Modern DTP software such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress let you take advantage of electronic publishing in formats such as EPUP (e-books), SWF (Flash content for web pages) or HTML5 (interactive web galleries with animations and additional functions).

In addition to traditional DTP applications there are also various tools that are particularly well-suited to create an online catalogue, such as ePaperFlip, AnyFlip, Lucidpress or Canva.

Creating an online catalogue from an existing web shop

If you already run your own online shop based on Magento, WooCommerce or similar shop software, there is still a more elegant way to create an online catalogue.

As most online shops have the necessary content for a catalogue in the right order, catalogues can be fully generated with the click of a button. The big advantage of this is the fact is it always up-to-date. Once the function is set up you can create an online catalogue without much effort, or include the function as a customer service in your web shop.

A good example of this is the print catalogue Software as a Service (SAAS) available for Magento, with which you can create a PDF brochure from any Magento page, as well as a complete product catalogue, all at once.

Create an online catalogue for a special rate: outsourcing to India

You can hand over the creation of an online catalogue to an Indian DTP professional at a low rate with outsourcing4work. You can let your own employees concentrate on more important tasks – and the results often look even better. We will find the right professional with the right experience for your online catalogue, one who will conjure up an impressive result out of your raw data. They will also affordably convert an existing catalogue into an interactive online format.