Advantages speak for outsourcing

Converting various files to PDF can be especially challenging for some companies – depending on what industry their company is active in, and how many documents they have to regularly work through, converting files and documents to PDF can become a huge job. Interns or trainees are usually tasked with this monotonous and repetitive job. But can an intern do all that is required – or will mistakes slip through? And what if there is no extra pair of hands to help? Use the secretary? This will not be a satisfactory solution in the long run.

Converting files to PDF internally is not economically viable in the long run

There is a fundamental problem: back office work such as converting to PDF, data entry or web research which is done by a company on its own will tie up employee resources, as employees who are actually better qualified for another task will have to deal with the secondary function in the company. This does not pay off in the long term: highly specialised staff is only being used to its full potential if it does not work on its core activity, and instead for support work. Consultants therefore advise outsourcing back office jobs such as document entry, invoice processing, web research, catalogue creation or even converting files to pdf to professional service providers. The technical term for this is business process outsourcing (BPO).

Shrink your costs for office services: use outsourcing!

Many companies have recognised the advantages of outsourcing, and delegate business processes to specialised external providers: the services that modern companies outsource to third parties range from payroll to PR. This is not only to save costs, but also to have access to services that a specialised external service provider offers, which previously were only done internally.

The advantages of outsourcing back office activities are many:

  • The company can concentrate on its core business – that what makes them money.
  • The company has a clear overview of the costs of this service.
  • In addition, this will result in a huge cost saving by reducing investment resources and due to the fact that employees will not need to take part in any training. In addition, tax benefits are also a further advantage of external procurement.
  • Naturally, there are often qualitative advantages in external procurement. Those who choose a specialised provider will choose someone who is technically and professionally up to date and has access to the most modern technologies. The taks will be carried out much more efficiently and with a higher quality.
  • Thanks to the new strategic partnerships new business areas can be opened.
  • Your own risk will be minimised, because the risk will be transferred to the outsourcing partner.
  • When converting files to PDF, companies from India are especially qualified to be an outsourcing partner. They have the benefit of qualification – many highly qualified IT experts and professionals work in back office work in India – and low rates, which come about due to the large difference in salary level. In addition, there are millions of Indian workers. It is common to work in shifts, seven days a week – even in offices.
  • You won’t need to worry about an intercultural miscommunications: the contact to the outsourcing provider will be made through a partner company in Europe: outsourcing4work GmbH in Darmstadt. Hard working project managers will take over the cooperation between the European company and the Indian outsourcing partner, and will develop an entire project from beginning to end.