If you would like to convert an eBook, it often comes with a number of problems. Switching from one eBook format into another requires a bit of manual work to be able to achieve the best results, in addition to just conversion. There is software like InDesign that will undertake simple conversions automatically. Tables of contents, headers, footnotes, page numbers, graphs and charts often require individual adaptation in order to maintain the existing layout.

This is due to the existing variety of eBook formats and the lack of a uniform global standard – too many eBook reader manufacturers are competing on the booming market.

The number of devices and apps that you can use to read eBooks has significantly increased over the last few years, and is sure to grow even more. The different screen sizes and resolutions also play a role.

Modern readers can display the popular format ePUB and others quite easily. However this does not help if you would like to convert existing eBooks from the existing format in order to offer the eBook in a different format.

Converting an eBook from any format

Professionals are able to easily convert any format, such as ePUB for iPhone and iPad, Nook or PC-based formats for readers such as Adobe Digital Editions, Mobipocket (.prc), Kindle (.mobi), PDF, InDesign, Quark, MS Word and also digital templates for books in print.

These professionals are generally coders and CSS experts with lots of experience in layout. They are not only well-versed in all eBook formats, but also have the necessary software tools for the job. Converting an eBook also includes complex changes to charts, lists, images and graphics in very complex eBooks with many pages.

Converting an eBook does not have to be expensive

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