The spread of digital value activities, and especially the use of modern information and communication technologies, has gained enormous momentum over the last few years. This trend not only applies to large companies, but also to small and medium sized enterprises. Companies need not only expertise and experience to be able to implement the strategic requirements for digitalization, as well as to actively use the opportunities, but they will also need staff who are trained in digitalization. It is also essential to be able to tell the difference between trends to follow and trends that are merely passing fads. A very important trend in this regard is almost certainly the outsourcing of back office work such as converting documents.

Converting documents is a necessity

The reality is that more and more information will need to be digitally handled in the form of files and documents, and it poses specific challenges to companies: companies receive hundreds of invoices, deposit slips and faxes each day. All of these documents are only a small number of what the company will be delivered each day in the form of printed correspondence: letters, notices and much more. Many different employees will need access to these documents – all in different locations at different times. To be able to allow this, and to ensure all employees have secure access, the company will need to convert these documents and put them into a digital form. This is the only way to guarantee they are available to the appropriate staff at the right time.

Advantage of outsourcing: professionals take care of converting documents

When companies outsource document conversion, they save both time and labour. Activities such as converting documents are typical back office activities that outsourcing companies in India can do efficiently and affordably. If there are many documents that need to be converted, it is especially recommended to head down this path.

The following services are possible in the field of document conversion:

  • Converting documents from DWG to JPG
  • Converting documents from PDF to DOC
  • Converting documents from EXCEL to HTML
  • Converting documents from TIFF to PDF
  • Converting documents from GIF to TGA
  • Converting documents from PSP to PDF
  • Converting other documents (books, paper documents, image files, etc.)

And this is where outsourcing4work comes into play: we are in close contact with high-quality service providers in the document conversion sector. You can convert mountains of documents and save costs with our partners from India.

Why you should outsource activities such as converting documents:

  • You will have more free capacity to focus on your core business – what generates the most value.
  • You will have a clear overview of the costs resulting from this service.
  • You save costs – significant costs – by reducing investment resources and due to the fact that employees will not need to take part in any training. In addition, tax advantages will also arise from external procurement, as you can claim expenses.
  • You will also save on costs due to the cost difference between Europe and India: you can buy services in India for much less than in Europe.
  • There are also qualitative advantages when outsourcing. If you decide on a specialist, then you choose someone who is professional and up to date, someone who uses the most modern technologies. The tasks will be carried out much more efficiently and with a higher quality.
  • Qualifications are also a definite advantage for Indian service providers – many highly experiences IT professionals and back office workers live in India. In addition, there are millions of Indian workers. It is common to work in shifts, both during the week and in weekends – even in office jobs.

European companies won’t need to fear any difficulties due to the different cultures: we at outsourcing4work will take care of the contact to outsourcing service providers in India. Our European project managers will handle the complete project throughout your contract with the Indian partner company.