Central data entry plays a huge role in many companies to be able to quickly introduce large amounts of information into its systems which lets the information then be processed as efficiently as possible.

Depending on the type of data, the underlying databases are maintained either by qualified personnel or employees who enter the information as it comes.

It makes sense for external providers to assist with the internal central data entry if large volumes of data suddenly need to be processed quickly. Business process outsourcing (BPO) makes it easy to find a suitable specialised provider for this type of work.

BPO: central data entry by professionals

Even central data entry specialists use specially trained staff and an optimised approach for each type of data during data entry. After all, data entry is not simply data entry.

Manual data collection is necessary for all paper-based types of documents and follows the four-eye principle in order to avoid any errors. Documents are often hard-to-read receipts, forms filled out by hand or any other form of documents that are not able to be automatically processed.

Automated data entry has documents digitized with professional scanners or photo technology and read in a second step with OCR software. Such systems are often used for postal services. Software solutions that have been somewhat heavily customised are then necessary depending on the document type, language and data destination. In addition, automated data collection requires a manual post-processing of all those cases in which the software failed.

However, fully automated data entry will always produce a certain amount of documents that are not able to be recognised which then need to be processed manually. A manual control is then done for the other automatically read originals to ensure that there are no errors.

BPO data entry providers also offer digital data entry from online sources. Special software tools are used in order to read the data as fast as possible and to put it into the desired format. Sources generally include websites, online image archives, catalogues or also specific online queries.

Central data entry in India: very affordable

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