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    Candidate Recruitment Package
    for Active Sourcing

    As IT specialists are anything but ordinary, their hiring also requires a different approach than the conventional. This is probably because they like their jobs and don’t really want or need to move. Therefore, Active Sourcing is an ideal way to approach, engage and entice them to come work for you.

    In our Candidate Recruitment Package, we share a fixed number of CVs from candidates who are willing to move within 2 to 4 weeks. Moreover, this recruiting methodology also incorporates employer branding, which run-of-the-mill job ads fail to address. So, with our Candidate Recruitment Package, you avail of all the benefits of Active Sourcing combined with CVs of willing candidates in a short time to fill your vacancies.

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    What Our Candidate Recruitment Package Entails

    The name says it all – our Candidate Recruitment Package is designed to help you find the ideal IT specialist for your crucial positions. We commit a specific number of CVs of candidates who are willing to move once you share the requirements. Then, after the agreement is signed, our recruiters start searching for possible candidates on professional networking channels and other digital platforms.

    Our Clients Prefer the Candidate Recruitment Package for its Cost and Convenience

    • One Price One Position €5000 for a single vacancy
    • Fixed Timeframe 2-4 weeks
    • Guaranteed Number of CVs Based on your requirements
    • Peace of Mind Only candidates willing to move are shared
    • Fixed Cost No additional charges for hiring more than one candidate

    How the Candidate Recruitment
    Package Works

    We source qualified IT personnel within 2 to 4 weeks. Here’s how we do it:   

    You share your requirements


    We analyze them thoroughly


    We commit a fixed number of CVs


    Both parties sign the contract


    We initiate active sourcing


    We share the agreed number of CVs within 2-4 weeks


    Both parties conclude the contract


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    Don’t Let Difficult Hirings Bog You Down

    We always say hiring doesn’t have to be tiring. Availing of our Candidate Recruitment Package can make it easier for you as well. Get a guaranteed number of potential matches for your vacancy within a fixed budget and timeline. All you have to do is interview them and hire the one you choose.

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