Data collection and project management

Always right on schedule: Projects with Outsourcing4work

Project management is always a difficult business. This applies to internal teams, but often even more if tasks are to be outsourced. In addition, the quality of the underlying data usually significantly affects the project results. If this data is to be procured by manual data collection, research or data optimization, it becomes clear how crucial successful management, adherence to schedules and budgets, and the achievement of milestones according to plan is in the success or failure of a project.

Regardless of their size and duration, Outsourcing4work structures all projects so that they run smoothly at all times and delays or unplanned project developments are virtually excluded.

Everything for the customer: Our employees are highly dedicated.

At Outsourcing4work, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Each of our employees knows exactly that only the contentment of our customers can secure the excellent reputation of our company, its future development and his or her personal success. Especially in manual data collection, the flawless work of each individual counts. Our employees, whether they work in India, Pakistan or Germany, are not only highly experienced but also motivated to give their best for their customers’ projects. And rather than offer short-term jobs, Outsourcing4work expects and promotes long-term cooperation with the entire team.

What you can count on: Our project managers take responsibility.

Only experienced and at a minimum English- and German-speaking project managers work for Outsourcing4work. They are equally focused on the needs of our customers as they are on the skills and capabilities of their teams. This allows them to manage projects reliably and transparently and to be available as your professional contact at all times. They ensure that you are always informed about the current status of the work and that the agreed project objectives are achieved on time and within budget.

Briefing – calculation – execution – review

Outsourcing4work works on projects solely on the basis of detailed briefings. In preliminary discussions, we clarify our customers’ requirements and determine schedules, staffing and budgets. Only after this briefing do you grant us the handling of your project – either at our very competitive hourly rates or a firmly agreed upon fixed price. Either way, you enjoy the security of a carefully prepared agreement that has been reviewed and accepted by both parties.

When working on your project, we always strive for complete transparency and a continuous and close cooperation between the customer and Outsourcing4work. You will receive regular updates about the work completed, milestones reached and results. Our project managers are always happy to answer questions or provide clarification. And after the completion of our work, we provide you with the work results in the pre-arranged format and ask for your approval.

In addition, we are happy to rework each project internally or with our customer if requested. To do this, we compare the briefing specifications with the achieved project results, analyze the cooperation within the team and with the customer and examine whether and how we can optimize our results even further. During the feedback process, we value constructive criticism just as much as praise in recognition of our efforts.

Our goal is always the same: To meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We want prospective customers to become happy customers and happy customers to become returning customers.