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Computers are ubiquitous. Very few companies and projects can do without them. Despite this– or perhaps because of it –manual data collection, data entry, data research and data processing remain indispensabletoday and in the future. Prior to digital processing, data must be acquired, quality-assured and pre-processed. And people continue to do these tasks faster, more accuratelyand cheaper than any machine.

As a specialized provider, Outsourcing4work can carry out almost any task in this areaefficiently.

Data collection: Take advantage of our expertise!

Often, smaller or larger amounts of data are not available in the form required for your project. Whether it is because you need only select data from large, unorganized data sets, because your data is not machine-readable, because technical difficulties or missing copyrights or usage rights prevent digital transmission of the data–or for any other reason.
Our employees in Germany, India and Pakistan have years of experience in extracting and manually collecting a wide range of data and making it available to you in the analog or digital format of your choice. Name or provide us with your sources and let us know your requirements. We’ll work out the details and deliver the results exactly as you need them.

We are certain that in every case, we can work more efficiently and cost-effective than any other company whose core business isn’t data collection. This way, you receive more valid data, improve the groundwork of your projects and save time and money for your primary tasks.

Date entry offer: You can’t compete with us.

Entering data into an IT system seems like an easy task. Paradoxically, the more monotonous a task is, the more mistakes are likely to creep in. Especially the entry of larger data sets requires a lot of patience, hard work and time. Your staff could meet the challenge – but can you spare them for the job? Do you have time to wait for the work results? And last but not least: What will it cost your company?

We only employ experienced specialists on our teams. More important, however, is that they enjoy this kind of work, while others often perceive as a chore. All employees of Outsourcing4work can and want to process any given data base with dedication, speed and accuracy. And this at a cost thatfits into your project budget.

Data research: We find what you’re looking for.

You know what kind of data you need, but not where you can find it?

Tapping into appropriate data sources is our daily business. Similarly, we have extensive experience in extracting crucial information from databases. We scour the Internet, look in directories and databases, readlengthydocuments or lists and speak with your contacts. This requires professional work, persistence and attention to detail. But ultimately, we can answer the vast majority of questions through data research and analysis. With this, we lay down the foundation for your work.Sometimes we make entireprojects possible. Sometimes we render them unnecessary. In any case, we contribute to your success. Let us know your requirements! We’ll find the solution.

Data processing: Because mistakes are costly.

You have all the data you need? Good. But some small inaccuracies can’t be ruled out? Some of your data may not be completely up to date? And it’s also unclear whether the data is complete? Then we can help.
We review your databases, correct errors, update outdated information, supplement what’s missing and prepare your data so that you can use it without problems or concerns.

This often requires only a few hours of work from our specialists, which can’t be compared tothe expenses caused by erroneous data if it is not discovered until a project has begun ― or worse, is never discovered at all.

In this way, we do the groundwork for your projects, ensure the quality of your results and lay the foundation for your success. Count on us! It’s worth it.