Advantages of Outsourcing Data Collection

Outsourcing4work – your professional partner for manual data collection and data entry

Outsourcing manual data collection, data entry, data research and data optimization requires trust.

  • First, you need a partner whom you can trust with your valuable data assets and internal company information without hesitation. This partner must ensure that your property doesn’t get in the wrong hands or isdamaged, and that it is returned to you in its original condition upon completion of the project.
  • Your partner must be reliable, able to work quickly and flexibly and always meet the highest quality standards.
  • Next, you need to be confident that the work results will make the necessary contribution to your business success.
  • And last but not least, you expect a competitive cost structure that fits your budget and doesn’t endanger the profitability of your overall project.

Experience, competence, service – crucial advantages for you

Outsourcing4work has been offering its services for almost 20 years on the German market. During this time, we have gained extensive experience with German, Indian and Pakistani employees and know exactly how to successfully manage and complete projects with international teams.

Our teams are set apart by their excellent qualifications and continual training. All our employees in India and Pakistan have completed a college education and have bachelor’s or master’s degrees. And our project managers, your contacts in Germany, speak English and German fluently and have many years of experience in their field.

They all contribute to the service culture at Outsourcing4work. Meeting our customers’ expectations and achieving their project goals is always our first priority. We want to build and maintain lasting, successful relationships with all our clients.

Flexible enough for any application

Our workforce in Germany, India and Pakistan is available to you at all times. You choose whether you need a small number of data entry operators for a few hours or a powerful team for a large project. Likewise, it is up to you whether or not your project is to be handled by German- or English-speaking staff. And you decide whether you want to entrust them with simple but diligently executed routine work or with special tasks that require additional expertise and creativity. And last but not least, contract adjustments are possibleat short notice and only lead to additional costs if you requireadditional or more expensive services.

Project work without risk and culture shock

Unfortunately, not all Outsourcing projects run smoothly. Often, risk factors such as cultural differences between the client and contractor, time difference, language or communication difficulties and legal uncertainties lead to delays, budget overruns or even complete failure of a project.

Outsourcing4work eliminates these risks. OurGerman project managers are availableto you during your working hours. The project managers assume all communication and coordination within the team so that the only indication that we have numerous employees not only in Germany, but also in India and Pakistan, are our low prices. Your direct contact here in Germany, meanwhile, accepts full responsibility for the completion of your project and the quality of our work.

The best service at the best price

In accordance with being a specialized service provider, we only charge you for the actual services rendered. For many projects, you can choose between a pre-agreed fixed price and our low hourly rates. This means you can either enjoy full planning security from the very beginning or the absolute best price for the performed work. In no event will you pay for sick days or holidays. Youcan also expect never toincur any charges for administration, project preparation and follow-up work, or any kind of infrastructure or travel costs.

We are convinced that in every respect, we can provide you with the best possible service at unbeatable prices.