Computers calculate – Humans think

Computers work with algorithms, and very fast. However, they are dependent on the data that we make available. Often this data is missing, is not available in machine-readable form, or is incomplete, incorrect, outdated or otherwise unusable. In these cases, manual data collection is essential. Humans research the data and prepare it. Where necessary or useful, they also check and revise the results once they have been further processed by a computer.

Data collection – more important than ever in the digital age

A large number of contacts can be addressed in a short time with the use of the Internet. Clients, prospects, survey participants, competitions or studies, the possibilities are endless. Yet, success is often not forthcoming. Because it is not only the number of contacts, or the volume of data collected that is decisive but above all their quality. This is why data collection and the review and optimization of data is so important.


Whether data collection, data research or data optimization – we can handle every job regardless of its type, content and scope. Employees from outsourcing4work not only work in Germany but also in Pakistan and India. For good reasons, in particular, the last-mentioned countries are among the world’s leading destinations for the outsourcing of processes and projects. outsourcing4work only hires employees who have at least completed college with a bachelor or master’s degree. Our staff is large and flexible enough to meet almost any challenge in data collection that you can imagine. This way we can always offer a company the right team for every project.

  • Do you need 1, 5 or 50 employees for your data collection?
  • For a few hours a week or for 24/7 operation?
  • For a few days, several months or even longer?
  • For routine work or special jobs?
  • As support in marketing, accounting, customer contact, competition monitoring or in a completely different area?
  • Cost-effective all-rounders or highly efficient specialists?

Please describe your requirements. We will send you our proposals and work on a customized solution together with you!