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    Hiring Remote ASP.NET Developers

    Outsourcing4work hires remote ASP.NET developers well-versed in developing both software and other web applications for all your development needs. Microsoft developed and marketed the ASP.NET web application framework, enabling developers to build highly dynamic content-driven websites. Through the skill and expertise of these remote developers, you can outsource ASP.NET development to manage futuristic planning and coding of web applications. The agile methodology incorporates best practices to build high-quality applications using this framework.

    Hiring ASP.NET Developers 

    What Remote ASP.NET Developers Can Offer You 

    Our remote ASP.NET developers can offer the following services to benefit your business:

    Web Application DevelopmentWeb Application Development
    Our remote programmers build dynamic websites and business applications. They can easily develop web apps using full feature programming languages like VB.NET or C#. ASP.NET framework is also ideal for creating web APIs and can utilize real-time technologies, such as Web Sockets.
    Mobile Application DevelopmentMobile Application Development
    ASP.NET is an open-source, back-end programming language. It provides convenient features to develop apps for mobile devices. Remote developers can efficiently create back-end services for native mobile applications with this language.
    Customization ServiceCustomization Service
    Skilled remote developers offer custom ASP.NET web services by applying technologies like MVC and JavaScript. The customization services enable optimization of web and mobile applications and the framework for configuration, routing, dependency injection, action filters, etc.
    Migration ServiceMigration Service
    With ASP.NET, remote developers can carry out migration services swiftly. They change the data models and directly deploy all changes to production. Instead of dropping or recreating the database, it is done by updating its schema. Our experts can handle syncing the schema for data preservation through Migration.
    Integration ServiceIntegration Service
    It is necessary to ensure the functionality of all components of an app, including the supporting infrastructure like the file system, network, and database. Our remote professionals can leverage ASP.NET core to support integration through a unit testing framework with an in-memory test server and a test web host to expose any faults.
    Maintenance and Support ServicesMaintenance and Support Services
    Remote ASP.NET experts provide robust maintenance and support services, facilitating database changes, features and functionality additions, and optimization. Our remote developers offer improvements in existing apps along with complete refactoring, integration of apps with legacy systems and payment gateways, third-party products customization, ongoing application support, and more.
    Why Choose ASP.NET?

    Why Choose ASP.NET?

    benefits-icons ASP.NET follows MVC architecture which allows for separation of concerns
    benefits-icons The framework technology facilitates the reduction of coding time for complex apps
    benefits-icons It offers enhanced performance and scalability with some out-of-the-box features
    benefits-icons The framework provides flexibility and access to the power of the platform to the developers as it is based on a common language runtime
    benefits-icons ASP.NET is secure, and developers can easily build user interfaces with separate application logic and presentation code
    benefits-icons This framework consists of high-end toolboxes which enable automatic deployment and WYSIWYG editing via drag-and-drop server controls
    benefits-icons The well-structured architecture of ASP.NET assists in swift customization and extensibility

    Our Remote ASP.NET Developers Work With These Technologies

    • IBM


    • Mainframe


    • Delphi


    • ASP Dot Net

      ASP Dot Net

    • MSSQL


    • Angular


    • Android


    • Java


    Why Remote ASP.NET Developers?  

    Often the required skills are not available locally, so it is convenient to choose remote ASP.NET developers. Another contributing factor is the relatively high expense of hiring in-house developers. So, modern tech-based businesses can benefit greatly from outsourcing, which offers lower costs and scalable services of remote employees. Therefore, hiring remote ASP.NET professionals is an attractive solution.

    Advantages of Choosing Outsourcing4work

    Partner InfrastructurePartner Infrastructure
    We have several IT partners providing us access to a vast pool of IT resources.
    Cost AdvantageCost Advantage
    We offer reduced fixed costs, reasonable running costs, and overall cost savings.
    We fill vacancies with the most suitable specialists within 2 to 4 weeks.
    We ensure the ASP.NET developer you finalize becomes your employee and works exclusively for you.  
    Minute-Based BillingMinute-Based Billing
    We use time tracking software to guarantee your invoice is correct down to the last second.
    German IT CoordinatorsGerman IT Coordinators
    We provide continued support through a German IT Coordinator without additional costs.
    German Legal ProtectionGerman Legal Protection
    All our services and employment contracts are governed by German Law.
    Data ProtectionData Protection
    We comply with the European data protection basic regulation (GDPR) in all work processes.

    How We Find Remote ASP.NET Developers

    We source qualified ASP.NET developers within 2 to 4 weeks. Here’s how we do it:

    You fill out our Candidate Requirement form & Contract


    We scan our candidate pool & shortlist potential matches


    You select the candidates to proceed with


    We set up interviews with you, the candidates & our German IT coordinator


    You finalize the candidate you want


    The new employee starts working for you


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