Advertising agency employs Magento developer from India


The client

When creating a multilingual Magento shop, a full-service advertising agency specialising in supporting SMEs needed help from a qualified Magento developer.

The challenge

With its internal capacities in the areas of web development and programming, the agency was unable to realize the multilingual Magento shop requested by a client. On the other hand, the available budget didn’t allow them to work with freelance programmers in Germany. Therefore, the agency asked outsourcing4work for a quotation for the following services:

  • The inquired Magento developer should be sufficiently qualified and experienced to be able to realise even the most demanding projects in a short time.
  • The scope of work was initially estimated at 160 hours.
  • The shop was to be developed within the defined budget and thus at significantly lower costs than those usually charged with comparable orders with German freelancers.
  • The internal web development of the agency required the simplest and most efficient cooperation with an external programmer.
  • All work results had to meet the agency’s high demands and the expectations of their client.

Our approach

outsourcing4work was able to submit a convincing offer to the customer and implement the project as follows:

  • As soon as the requirements were defined, the German coordinator of outsourcing4work started working on the project.
  • He searched and identified qualified Magento developers at our partner companies in India and presented the agency with a selection of the most suitable candidates. The Agency made its choice from the experts proposed.
  • The work processes were then defined jointly. In addition, the coordinator took over the comprehensive organisational support of the employee, and thus relieved the agency of any additional administrative work.
  • The development tasks arising in this project are organised and processed with JIRA software. Upon recommendation of outsourcing4work, the agency chose Kanban as a suitable project management method.
  • A time recording software accessible for the agency in the cloud, records the working hours and content of the external developer and documents this with screenshots every three minutes. Thus, the work is documented and invoiced to the minute.
  • The co-operation is organised in a highly efficient way:
    • The agency lists all upcoming tasks in the JIRA Backlog in German language.
    • The coordinator translates them into English and makes them available to the developer.
    • The developer estimates his working time required for each task, suggests a suitable procedure and enters both in the JIRA Board.
    • The agency checks the estimates and proposals and either approves them or initiates a meeting to clarify open issues.
    • The developer pulls approved tasks from JIRA Todo, processes them and forwards his work results to the co-ordinator.
    • Should the coordinator complain about errors in individual cases, he/she will return the tasks concerned to the developer for further processing. All completed and successfully inspected tasks are handed over to the Agency by the coordinator.
    • In daily online meetings with the developer, the client and the coordinator discuss the current status of the work, the next steps and any detailed questions that may arise.

The result:

  • The Magento shop requested by the agency’s client, was developed in high quality on time and within budget.
  • The agency is highly impressed by the competence, the quality of work and the team spirit of the external developer..
  • The agency was able to fully satisfy its client too. Convinced by the work he had done they expanded his mission. Accordingly, the booking of the developer provided by outsourcing4work was extended by another 160 hours.

This has enabled outsourcing4work to tap into resources for the agency and its clients that many other SMEs have often been too hesitant to use by now. The smooth workflow and the great results prove that with this special type of cooperation, companies of all sizes can significantly improve their competitive position.

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    Reach our goal together

    As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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