Your partner for IT specialists:
More than 25 years of success in
the market

thanks to numerous offers
for all employees.
Get to know us!

Your partner for IT Professionals:
More than 25 years of success in the market thanks to numerous offers for all employees.
Get to know us!

Worldwide placement of IT professionals – agile and future-oriented

Founded as a company in 1993, we have been in the market for more than 25 years and have always remained future-oriented and flexible. We grew and improved, each individual employee provided new impulses. Today we are partners and agents of IT professionals for companies all over the world. Our team has access to more than 5000 permanent IT professionals from India and provides clients with precisely fitting qualified candidates flexibly within two to four weeks. At the same time, we are consultants in personnel matters and contact persons for smooth and efficient co-operation in IT teams. Our Scrum Masters co-ordinate the work of our software developers in India and, if desired, also the co-operation with our customers’ employees on site. Agile processes and co-operation in the form of a future-oriented remote model offer the advantage of fast reaction times and optimised processes with the highest possible flexibility.

We also rely on remote work internally: our more than 150 employees work worldwide. A well-rehearsed digital infrastructure and communication structure opens up new ways of efficient and, at the same time, personal co-operation for our customers, employees and IT professionals.

Reach the goal together: our solutions for functioning remote work

As a 100% remote company, we have established various solutions that optimise digital communication and the co-operation of all employees worldwide.

Flexible working hours and time accounts

Every employee has a time account with us and benefits from flexible working hours. This way we ensure a work-life balance that has a significant impact on the satisfaction and also the productivity of all employees.

Daily meetings and retrospectives

Our teams exchange information daily in a short stand-up meeting and in regular retrospectives. Thus, optimal co-operation is promoted, processes can be improved and goals can be set together.

Paid training in the form of e-learning

We know that our company is only as strong as our employees. For this reason, we offer our team the opportunity to use paid e-learning services on LinkedIn. These are available to our employees, both during working hours and in their free time.

How we work

Our clients are our number one priority. We have years of experience in IT outsourcing, using tested and successful concepts for companies with a need for high-quality but low cost software development and BPO. Our clients appreciate our transparent way of working and our efficient project management.

Why outsourcing4work?

IT outsourcing is not simply outsourcing software development to unknown developers on another continent. Nor do we see ourselves as a nameless company that churns out completed software after a period of time once we receive an order from the client.

Instead, we combine our strengths with those of our partners. Thanks to our expertise and our presence on the market for IT outsourcing, we know and observe European quality standards and can meet the expectations of our clients. We speak German and English, work during European office hours and are always available for face-to-face meetings. And last, but not least, we offer legal certainty under European law. At the same time we understand and work with the culture, the opportunities and the resources that our partner companies can offer our clients in Europe

Through our relationships to our partners in India we have access to a virtually inexhaustible pool of highly qualified employees. We cooperate exclusively with established and reputable partner companies in India, companies who take on only the best applications and who can vouch for the quality of their services. Together with our clients, we select the right software developers and BPO specialists, and realise projects of every size efficiently and reliably.

Our project managers are based in Europe and assume complete responsibility for every project, and ensure effortless communication between client and the external employee.

IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing are a closely monitored process with us. Together with Indian experts, the client and project manager in Germany work together on challenging projects in IT outsourcing or in business process outsourcing, successfully and in a great work environment.

outsourcing4work Management

outsourcing4work GmbH is an IT outsourcing company that specialises in software development and business process outsourcing, and which has been established on the market for nearly 20 years. We have highly qualified employees in Europe as well as India.

K. Nadeem Arif

K. Nadeem Arif is Founder & CEO of outsourcing4work GmbH and a specialist in business development, marketing and IT outsourcing. He brings with him 29 years of experience as an entrepreneur and shareholder, and speaks German, Hindi and English.

Naveed Ahmad

Naveed Ahmad is CTO of outsourcing4work GmbH. He has ten years of experience in the field of software development, is experienced in the programming languages C++, ASP.NET, ASP (VBscript, JavaScript, HTML), is a specialist in databases and speaks German, Hindi and English.

Our concept

We specialise in Agile software development (Scrum and Kanban) and use state of the art software for project management, process management, workflow, time tracking, collaboration and video conferencing. As our client you can flexibly access this internet based software, thanks to the “cloud” and you can work comfortably with your team and us.

outsourcing4work opens the world’s largest IT outsourcing-market to smaller and medium-sized companies, and ensures they experience risk-free, project-based or long-term outsourcing of software development, and the external processing of various business processes. Our clients save their own resources and receive excellent results in a short time.

This makes us unique.

  • European Management
  • European Project Managers
  • European Contracts
  • Software developers and BPO specialists in India who are highly qualified, motivated, communicative and familiar with European standards
  • Attractive conditions which are very competitive on the European market

Virtual coffee break and remote all-company events

We enable all employees to take paid virtual coffee breaks every day at set times. Here we get to know each other, discuss current topics and can interact personally and at eye level.
In addition, we regularly invite to remote all-company meetings. Funny questions and employee quizzes ensure to ease any tension quickly and to get all employees involved.

Fun Channel

Our Fun Channel gives our employees the opportunity to meet virtually outside working hours and, for example, to review the day together at an after-work event. With the Fun Channel we offer an internal solution without constraints or extensive rules, thanks to which they can network and exchange information. Of course, we leave the design of the contents to the participants themselves.

Our concept meets your satisfaction? Join our team!

Our Management Team

K. Nadeem Arif



Naveed Ahmad



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Sandra Hand



Holger Kramer



Kristina Rybel



Bianca Wilke

Assistant to CTO


Verena Hilpert

Assistant to CHRO


Vesna Tomic

Assistant COO & Sales



Head of IT Coordinators


Alexander Kullik

IT Coordinator


Kai Kleingünther

Compliance Manager


Rosario Neuling

Customer Service Representative


Katharina Moser

Account Manager


Manuel Proschko

Account Manager


Niclas Steinert

Account Manager


Olga Tatarinski

Digital Marketing Manager


Abdul Aziz Aslam

Head of IT & Design





Martina Stöcker

Recruiting Manager