Managing Remote IT Experts

With advancing digitalization, the IT industry is also undergoing many changes. In 2022, IT experts have worked less and less in large office complexes. They are expected to continue working remotely or in a home office in 2023. To manage these remote IT experts, employers must adapt too.

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Digitalization of Everyday Working Life in 2022  

Thanks to digitization, our work is shifting increasingly into our own four walls. This is creating new jobs for remote IT experts with home office options. It also means that companies are developing an even greater need for IT specialists.

But where does this change come from, and is remote work just a trend or the future of work?  

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The IT industry and digital-related professions are part of the quaternary sector, i.e., Industry 4.0.  This means that a new economic market is establishing itself where, instead of outsourcing IT projects, tech companies will hire remote IT experts globally to do the job. 

Since communication is the foundation of any business relationship, software tools have enabled IT jobs to be carried out seamlessly, regardless of distance. Due to video calls, messaging and voice chat, working from home has become a convenience. 

Is Remote Work the Future of Work?

By definition, remote work describes the ability to perform a job for a company remotely without having a fixed workplace. Home office, on the other hand, describes working from home. In this case, most employees have a fixed workplace and work from their home office spaces. 

But why exactly does remote work represent the future of our working world?  

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Remote work offers companies the option of outsourcing individual tasks. They can selectively hand over assignments that can be completed externally with high-quality output.   

This type of task distribution with remote work has the following advantages: 

  • No temporary workers are needed 
  • The requirement to train IT experts is eliminated  
  • Flexible division of tasks is possible 
  • The provision of technical equipment is no longer necessary 
  • IT experts can be engaged 24/7 for higher productivity 
  • The operational cost of office space is eliminated 

All these factors speak to the bright future of remote IT work. Especially due to the shortage of skilled IT talent in the DACH region and the general preference for performing digital work remotely. It is also why remote IT jobs have increased.

Hiring remote IT experts is an attractive way for companies to recruit IT specialists. However, it requires new ways to monitor work progress and manage these remote IT professionals 

8 tips for managing remote IT experts

Tip 1: Create the Best Conditions

If you have decided to hire remote IT experts, there are certain requirements you should set for the IT professionals when hiring them. Mention the goals, activities and services to provide the IT specialist with as much clarity as possible.  

In addition, you should clarify compensation and your expectations to avoid misunderstanding.

Tip 2: Trust is Everything

For some employers, it takes a bit of convincing before they decide to hire a remote IT expert. This is because they feel hiring someone unknown can be difficult to manage. The ability to trust gives you peace of mind so in-house tasks can be delegated to remote professionals.  

Build a strong foundation of trust with the IT professional. You simply need to let go of the idea that good work can only be done under strict supervision. Remote workers are far more productivity oriented. 

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Tip 3: Constant Communication

Constant communication with the IT professional keeps you updated on the work progress. It also shows that you are invested in their productivity. Moreover, you can exclude the possibility that the work will be done poorly and carelessly. It helps the remote worker realize how important it is to you that the job is completed on time. 

Tip 4: Meeting Tools

Stay connected with your remote employee with the necessary tools. Set up a meeting schedule and follow it to manage your experts.  

You can choose Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. Thanks to digital meeting rooms, you can hear your employee live, see him and get an impression of him as a person, his well-being and his work.  

Tip 5: Onboarding IT Experts

Some companies have a lack of appreciation and integration when a new member joins the team. The successful addition of remote IT experts is important and should not be ignored. You can hold joint meetings to introduce them and their role. It ensures a good working atmosphere, and team members can work together seamlessly.  

In addition, feedback meetings are particularly useful at the beginning to make onboarding easier for the members and to clarify open questions.  

Tip 6: Empathy in Everyday Working Life

Empathy in everyday work is of great importance because remote IT professionals know and understand you through your interaction. Empathy makes them feel understood and appreciated rather than a tool to get work done quickly.   

The empathic qualities below have positive effects on the remote worker:  

  • Cognitive empathy promotes mutual understanding when working together.  
  • Emotional empathy supports social collaboration creating a mostly positive work environment.  
  • Compassionate empathy increases cohesion and strengthens good working relationships.  

Tip 7: Clear Rules at Work

Some remote IT specialists have difficulty establishing a clear structure and order at work. Help these people establish clear rules to bring a work structure to your remote IT professional’s daily routine. This is the ideal way to achieve the desired goal together with your remote worker.

Tip 8: Hire Remote IT experts with O4w

While hiring your remote IT experts, make sure to use a top-notch IT recruitment company. 

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