Custom Recruitment Process

A custom recruitment process is more than just hiring the right person for the job. Applicants favor organizations that don’t waste their time with endless interviews or take too long to reply. Customizing the recruiting process offers speed and cuts out unnecessary or redundant steps.

A quick hiring process favors both the potential employees and the employer. It also separates the employer from their competition. Job seekers have a more favorable perception of companies that employ a short and exclusive recruitment strategy.

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A customized recruitment process lets you: 

Reduce Your Hiring Costs

Cost of Recruitment in Germany

Recruitment is not a one-man job. It takes a team to do it right, which means the company has to bear the expense of time invested by each person in the process.

The hiring process can take 6-8 weeks to collect and analyze CVs, screen candidates and to schedule and carry out interviews. Reducing this time will help reduce costs.

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Recruiting for IT specialist jobs can cost even more with multiple interviews and skill tests prolonging the process. Also, without skilled recruiters, you risk ending up with an underqualified candidate or the wrong fit for your company culture.

At this point, you may either have to settle for the candidate you got or repeat the entire process while investing even more resources, time and ultimately, money. To avoid this, customize your recruitment process. A custom hiring process with reasonably spaced steps can easily lower your cost per hire. 

Add the Right Talent to Your Team

When it comes to filling crucial positions in your company, it’s better to hire no one than the wrong person. 

The first step is to understand the specific requirements of the job role. Then you have to clearly communicate them to potential applicants as a well-developed job description. 

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Finding people with the required skill set and a suitable personality for the team is a top priority for any organization. But make sure you do not unnecessarily prolong the recruiting process. You don’t want to be busy setting up the 4th interview while your top candidate accepts an offer from your competitor.

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It’s all about creating a better experience for them. If your interviews are more like conversations rather than interrogations, you will bring the best out of the candidates. Also, customize the process so it does not waste the candidate’s time but make sure you do not miss any crucial recruitment steps.

Enhance your Company’s Reputation

Importance of Employer Branding Statistics

With a customized recruitment process, you can boost your employer branding without spending any money on it. A smart hiring strategy enables your company to stand out from the lot and gain a good reputation in the market.

Over 70% of professionals globally are passive candidates (Source: LinkedIn). This means that they are not actively looking for a better job. Conversely, they are not aware of better options out there. A candidate’s experience with your application process plays a part in word-of-mouth marketing. It can even help bring passive candidates on board too. 

Improve your Employee Retention

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Applicants often quit the recruitment process if it’s too long or the recruiters take too long to respond. At the same time, it is important for the recruiters not to rush the process. If they make mistakes, a qualified candidate can get overlooked, or they may get stuck with an underqualified one. 

The key is to optimize your recruiting process, work on improving their recruitment experience, and you will get employees that work hard and have positive feelings towards you as the employer.

The Final Word

A customized recruitment process offers several benefits. The experience and skills of the recruiters are also important here. However, if you feel that you need help with any aspect of the recruitment process, buy one of our Full Service Recruitment Package. You get the expertise of our recruiters and guaranteed results within 4 to 6 weeks.

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