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Over the Internet, a large number of contacts can be approached in just a short amount of time. Customers, prospective clients, participants in surveys, contests or studies – the possibilities are endless. And yet, success often remains elusive. Because not only the number of contacts and the extent of the data collected are important, but so is their quality. Even today, ensuring or improving quality requires technical know-how and extensive manual labor in many cases.


Computers work with algorithms and are therefore very fast. However, they depend on our data inputs for calculation. Often this data is missing, is not available in a machine-readable format, or is incomplete, incorrect, outdated or otherwise unusable. In these cases, people have to prepare or research the data in order to lay the foundation for later use by computers. People take on tasks at which computers (as of yet) fail. Or they may check the quality of the results obtained by computers and revise them where it is necessary or useful.


Outsourcing4work has trained and experienced staff who can perform manual data research and data entry in the realm of professional data acquisition. Our team manually handles all tasks for you that cannot be delegated to computers for technical or content-related reasons. In addition, we prepare your information so that it can subsequently be captured and processed by computers.


We handle every task with the same level of dedication, regardless of the nature, content and scope. Outsourcing4work has employees not only in Germany, but also in Pakistan and India. For good reasons, especially the latter are considered among the world’s leading destinations for Outsourcing processes and project tasks. And all our employees there have completed tertiary education and hold bachelor or master degrees. Our workforce is large and flexible enough for almost every conceivable challenge, so we can offer businesses the right team for any project.

  • Do you require 1, 5 or 50 data entry operators?
  • For a few hours per week or for a 24/7 enterprise?
  • For a day, several months or even longer?
  • For routine or special tasks?
  • As support for marketing, bookkeeping, customer service, competition monitoring or in an entirely different area?
  • Fluent in English or German?
  • Cost-effective all-rounders or highly efficient specialists?

Share your requirements with us, and we will submit our proposals to you so that we can devise a tailor-made solution together!


In every case, a German contact and project manager will be working for you in Germany, and as a German company, Outsourcing4work is subject to German law. This means that you won‘t have to worry about time differences, language barriers, cultural differences or possible legal pitfalls. Likewise, you won‘t need to plan for travel costs – once you place an order, we assume responsibility for the implementation.

Outsourcing4work looks after your project as if you and your team were located next door to each other. At the same time, you benefit from the high standards we set for our employees and our work, and enjoy all the advantages of a specialized data entry services company: flexibility, speed, highest quality and our always competitive cost structure.

And one more thing: For many projects, we offer our services at a prearranged fixed price. Budget overruns without order expansions are thereby excluded.

With these resources, we guarantee you the constant commitment, professionalism and security you expect.

Data entry through Outsourcing4work makes your work easier in many ways. Allow yourself to focus on your core business while delegating manual tasks that require technical know-how, patience, precision, care – and most of all, lots of time – to us! We guarantee the best possible results in less time and at attractive rates.