An Online Marketing Assistant from India: Boost Your Business Through Outsourcing

An experienced online marketing assistant can get more out of your brand and your products through targeted internet optimisation. Small businesses and start-ups especially have the tendency to neglect marketing in the early days of business to protect their small budget and overused management resources.

Untrained employees are then entrusted with online marketing as a stopgap, or maybe even the CEO will try their hand at marketing with very limited success. It is all too easy to forget that an online marketing assistant should have extensive technical expertise and experience to be successful.

What an online marketing assistant can do

Successful online marketing requires more than just good communication and psychological knowledge. A good online marketing assistant will be experienced in many technical tools and promotional strategies to increase visibility online. They will use different techniques based on the topic, brand and product.

These tasks could be from maintaining a corporate blog, SEO optimisation of product pages or other content, optimised social media activities, targeted advertising on Facebook, Google or other provider or writing guest articles for influential websites. Email marketing via a newsletter, contests, surveys, funny YouTube videos or targeted contact with influencers are also marketing strategies often employed online.

The approach will depend on the product to be advertised. For websites that are content based with online advertising, the online marketing assistant will concentrate on high traffic. If the goal is product sales, subscribers or customer acquisition for specific services, then the assistant will concentrate on potential customer profiles and target groups.

In any case, an online marketing assistant will deal with a lot of data since targeted internet marketing requires intelligent analysis techniques. Content that is published on your own website can be evaluated with Google Analytics or similar tools, and you can continuously learn from self-published content. It is the same for advertisements or other advertising activities online. No matter what strategy you choose, there will always be data that will then need to be assessed.

On Twitter and other social networks, you can publish for maximum visibility at the optimal time of day. And with the right tools you can optimise your advertising campaigns according to the right words, colours, banner sizes and location.

A/B tests that run simultaneously can increase the effectiveness of campaigns, and also show the best achievable target group with statistical tools according to age, sex, interests, location, language, country and other similar parameters. Finally, the online marketing assistant can better target the campaign and improve the cost-benefit ration.

Online marketing assistant: specialist vs. all-rounder

It is relatively easy to find an online marketing assistant with special expertise such as social media or SEO. Experts with comprehensive knowledge also exist, but they are expensive. If you hire an online marketing assistant as an outsourcing employee on an hourly basis, or if you pay them according to specific target indicators (KPI), then you can often reduce your costs as a result. You can hire the right specialist for each individual task.

You then take over the coordination of the outsourced marketing team yourself, or another member of staff will do it. Once you find the right profile, you can even delegate the coordination to an external outsourcing employee.

If you use professionals from India, you will see your costs for an online marketing assistant significantly sink, or you could hire more staff for the same amount of money. outsourcing4work can provide you with suitable online professionals from India with excellent marketing expertise.

We have extensive experience over many years in the procurement of Indian IT professionals, and will easily find a suitable professional for your needs. We do not leave you on your own after recruitment, but instead will take on responsibility with our own project managers and will ensure that the project runs exactly as you expect it to. You just conclude the contract with us as a European company, and we take care of the rest.

Virtual Assistant: How You Can Increase Your Productivity with Outsourcing

Self-employed workers and smaller companies can use a virtual assistant for specific tasks if they can’t have an in-house secretary for cost reasons.

Virtual assistants can be a great help in taking over work, without costing an arm and a leg. The global boom in freelance services and business process outsourcing (BPO) offers a virtually inexhaustible range of low cost online professionals. This is especially true for Indian providers – the Asian country is better represented in the global IT outsourcing market than any other county, with a market share of 55%.

A virtual assistance is worthwhile in many areas

A virtual assistant generally offers support services for the business sector. Since everything is coordinated over the internet, and generally not for a permanent amount of time, a virtual assistant will cover a broader spectrum than a traditional secretary.

You can flexibly choose what tasks the virtual assistant should take over, once a suitable one has been found. Anything is possible, from specialists for specific tasks, up to diversified BPO office staff. The scope of work can also be flexibly arranged, from just a few hours a week up to full-time work. When using specialists, it could be worthwhile to hire multiple virtual assistants with special expertise.

When looking for a suitable online assistant you should ensure that you take enough time to work out exactly what work needs to be done. Once a suitable provider is found, then there is usually a short training period to explain how to use the necessary programs, websites and other services. A virtual assistant can be used in many areas, and you can take advantage of online collaboration tools such as email and video chats to communicate, assign individual tasks and coordinate.

One typical task which is given to a virtual assistant is internet research for specific information. This can be specific details such as a search for providers, a product or for another detail, and is often done in connection with data entry (for example, with Excel), data extraction or the creation of an overview or report.

Text-based work in English such as transcription, proofreading, simple translations or SEO writing services are also typical fields of work for a virtual assistant. If the online assistant has the right experience, they can even take over more complex work such as creating PowerPoint presentations, maintaining a blog, including publishing articles, and social media activities. For this, not only does one need specialist knowledge on the topic, but also good writing skills and the experienced handling of images and photo editing tools.

Other tasks that hand be delegated to a virtual assistant is travel planning (searching for hotels, flights and other information as well as booking), or traditional secretarial work such as answering emails, telephone services and scheduling.

These are just a few examples of what you can use a virtual assistant for. There are no limits to your creativity, and you will only need to find a qualified assistant who will provide their services at the salary you offer.

Virtual assistant from India

If you are interested in a virtual assistant from India, then we at outsourcing4work can help you. We are specialised in the procurement of IT experts, as well as business process outsourcing, and will quickly find an online professional that suits your needs.

In addition, we help our clients with a comprehensive approach that really works when collaborating with Indian professionals. With our own project managers who specialise in Agile/Scrum methodology, we will take over the coordination of the online assistant. Our many years of experience allows us to efficiently handle differences in cultural mentality, and bring out the best in a virtual assistant.

IT Helpdesk Outsourcing: The Most Important Benefits

A good IT helpdesk can be difficult to realise for small and mid-sized enterprises, which is usually due to the costs involved and a lack of expertise in IT support. But nothing is more frustrating for customers, business partners or employees than if a product or a technical service doesn’t work as it should.

Through targeted outsourcing to a specialised provider, professional IT support is now achievable for every company. Once you have the right partner, there are a number of other benefits that arise from using an external provider, in addition to cost savings.

The advantages of IT support outsourcing

If you hand over IT support to an external provider, you can flexibly arrange the availability. You can even have 24 hour or weekend service. You can offer your customers high quality IT support even in the service sector, without you needing to adapt your own work hours and infrastructure.

In addition to pure technical knowledge, good IT support requires high communication skills and work optimised for typical problems and solutions. Providers specialised in IT support work with the appropriate tools that make it easier for you to solve technically challenging problems, and help you be able to handle a high volume of requests efficiently.

Ticket systems and automatic telephone support systems are standard, but you could also have video conference tools, build a problem and solution database or use specific tools for remote maintenance. The targeted development of teams that specialise in certain topics will also help solve difficult problems.

Once the workflows and service scope for IT support have been defined, you can set qualitative targets such as waiting times on the telephone hotline, or the maximum time for email response in hours or days. Depending on the request volume, the provider will guarantee the necessary resources and good scalability.

IT support from India

IT support can be easily handed over to an affordable India provider, especially in the English language sector. In India there is a number of professional call centre operators and outsourcing support providers who provide customised IT helpdesk outsourcing services to international clients.

You can hire the appropriate number of staff for the time window you want depending on your needs and integrate your own ticket system for customer inquiries.

Through skilful division of labour and cooperation with the Indian IT helpdesk employees in India, you can significantly reduce the volume of requests for your own IT employees. The helpdesk not only orders the support requests, but also performs important filter functions for typical and repeating requests.

outsourcing4work can help you build an IT helpdesk in India according to your exact specifications. We have been working together with a variety of professional outsourcing providers in India for years and have the necessary expertise.

We are not a pure provider and do not leave you on your own, but instead ensure proper implementation according to your requirements with our project managers. The contracts are concluded directly with us as a European company for your security. 

Online secretary from India: Affordable for Everyone

Nowadays, having your own online secretary does not need to be expensive if you use an outsourcing service provider from India. The large difference in salary between Europe and India, a country known for its well-trained IT specialists, makes an online secretary possible even for smaller budgets.

India has become the global leader in the field of IT outsourcing over the last 20 years, and has been the world’s leading exporter in related services since 2005. Professional agencies or experienced self-made companies offer everything, from business process outsourcing (BPO) up to software development. Therefore, finding an excellently trained online secretary in India is one of the easier outsourcing tasks.

Areas of responsibility for an online secretary

The jobs of an online secretary depend on you! Professionals who offer their services as an online secretary are usually trained in multiple disciplines and have enough experience for many tasks. There are a number of activities that are particularly well suited for an online secretary.

These include of course traditional Office work such as editing Excel spreadsheets and text-based work such as proofreading, transcription, simple translations and answering emails. Even tasks such as English language telephone service or creating PowerPoint presentations can be easily given over to an online secretary.

The term online primarily refers to the central communication channel between secretary and client. Thanks to apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Slack and naturally email, it is easy to remain in constant contact with one another.

For all online tasks a suitable assistant is highly recommended. An online secretary can also help with internet research, online competitive analysis or simple data collection from appropriate websites.

An online secretary can also take over standardised social media activities. You can trust a secretary to oversee and manage various profiles, which means you don’t need to look after them yourself. They can pass on important feedback from your contacts and the virtual secretary will make sure that there are regular new posts from you.

You can also hand over blogs to an online secretary if they have the right writing skills and content expertise, so they can write new posts independently and respond to user comments.

Online secretary from India: we can help

outsourcing4work can find you a suitable online secretary from India for your exact requirements. We just need to know what criteria and technical skills are important to you in order to find you a suitably qualified employee.

You can hire a virtual secretary as permanently available service staff and as a ‘go to’ person, or hire them only for specific tasks that they complete on a project basis.

Once we have found you a suitable online secretary, we will assist you in the coordination with our own project managers, which is especially useful in the coordination phase. You conclude the contract with us as a European company and do not need to worry about any details such as payment abroad, or legal certainty.

How an Online Assistant will Increase your Productivity

You can hire an online assistant even with a small budget thanks to the high pay gap between Europe and low wage countries like India. Online assistants are especially popular services in the context of business process outsourcing (BPO) for exactly this reason.

Handing over specific recurring office tasks to specific employees not a new invention from the internet. Previously they were called secretaries – and the privilege of having one was reserved for executives due to the costs associated with them.

Thanks to outsourcing, almost everyone can afford an online assistant. The tasks are flexible and range from small jobs to complete assistance because the online assistant will bill hourly.

Online assistant: possible areas of use

Depending on the requirement profile it might be worth it to hire one or more online assistants with special skills. A short training period in which the tasks to be performed are explained in detail, as well as the necessary programs and online tools will ensure problem free collaboration, just like with a real secretary.

Here are a few typical areas you can use an online assistant for:

Internet research on specific products and comprehensive information can be easily handed over to a trained online professional, and if they are available via chat or email this will save a lot of time. It can be especially useful if lists of products, companies, sources of information or topics need to be drawn up.

Good PowerPoint presentations can be very time-consuming, even if the creative work has already been done. You have the opportunity to give a rough draft to a virtual assistant to complete. The online assistant will then take care of images, consistent formatting and transition effects in accordance with your design.

An online assistant can also easily take care of simple social media activities. They will make regular postings according to your instructions, keep an eye on contact and/or customer reactions and only forward the most important things to you.

Text-based tasks such as proof-reading, transcription and simple translations are also classical areas for an online assistant. English skills are especially helpful in correspondence if someone takes a look at a text.

Keeping a blog according to exact specifications is also a good task for an online assistant, especially if it is a WordPress blog. The virtual assistant can take care of updates, comments and simple content. An online assistant can also do constant review of traffic through Google analytics.

An online assistant will screen your communication, just like a traditional secretary, which guarantees your personal amount of requests will significantly reduce.

Travel planning: If you travel a lot, the online assistant can take over the search for flights, accommodation and other information.

The time factor plays a major role

As the examples show, you can save a lot of time with an online assistant, time that you can use in other ways. You can decide if this extra time is better spent on extra work, or with your family. The low rates of an online assistant can make it interesting for both scenarios.

outsourcing4work can find you a suitable online assistant for your exact requirements. Just give us the details and we will shortly find an experienced professional for you. You will not need to concern yourself with any payment or technical coordination. We, as your European contract partner, will be responsible for it and guarantee reliable results.