It is cheaper to create a professional website with outsourcing

Do you want to make a professional website, but don’t know the best way to go about it? You are not alone – many people wouldn’t know where to start when faced with such a technological task!

That’s why I’m going to give you a few tips – as always with a view towards ‘Outsourcing to India’. Web design is now considered to be a standard task which can be easily delegated to an IT professional in India. This is a huge cost savings when compared to an IT professional in Europe.

You can create a professional website with these systems

Nowadays, modern websites are almost always realised with content management systems, or CMS for short. The times when web designers would manually create individual pages with HTML code and graphic material are long gone. Free interfaces like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Typo3 are especially popular.

WordPress plays a special role among CMS – no other content management system is used as often as this one. The independent industry service W3Techs has detailed statistics which show the impressive widespread use of WordPress.

26.3% of all global-operated websites run on WordPress. If you only take CMS based websites into account, that translates to a market share of 60%. Joomla is the second most used system with 2.7% or 6.1% among CMS-based sites. This is a significant difference between the two. The other systems are closer together in terms of market share: Drupal (2.6%), Magento (Onlineshop CMS; 1.3%), Blogger (1.2%), Typo3 (0.7%) and Bitrix (0.6%) are all CMS that let you create a website without any programming skills, just like WordPress.

Adobe Dreamweaver – which once was the market leader for creating websites – is now rarely used, with only a 0.6% share. However, because the numbers refer to existing websites, it is expected that the use of Dreamweaver or similar tools is close to zero.

CMS is the answer for anyone who wants to create a personal or professional website. WordPress and its competitors provide the functional basic structure and a back-end for managing and publishing content. Themes and templates are used for the design, which specify the appearance and the arrangement of the articles, pages and all other visible elements. Plugins let you add additional functions that are not needed for all websites.

This approach is used by nearly all CMS and makes the individual platforms able to be used for any type of website: blogs, company websites, online news portals, online shops or even social networks can be created with WordPress or another CMS without a huge amount of programming. A web design agency works with a mix of graphics/design, template customisation and specific code customisation. A professional web developer is needed for fewer and fewer websites.

India: the affordable way to create a professional website

Since WordPress and other CMS are used worldwide, you can easily find affordable website professionals in India who can create a website for you at a very low price. We at outsourcing4work have specialised in these outsourcing professionals and can provide you with the right web agency with good references for your project.

We have many years of experience in the area of CMS and can offer you assistance in the planning phase when selecting the right CMS. This lets you remain independent when deciding on a provider. We will take over coordination and development with the Indian web agency with our own Scrum project managers who are well-versed in working with Indian colleagues. The contracts are concluded directly with us as a European company for your security. If you would prefer to carry out a project at a fixed rate, or would like hourly billing, this is also possible. We are flexible according to your wishes.

Why Salesforce outsourcing is a good idea

Salesforce outsourcing is a good alternative for many companies who are unable to have an in-house Salesforce administrator. A company will need a well-trained Salesforce professional in order to optimally set up the Software as a Service (SaaS) from Salesforce.

Because Salesforce strictly follows the SaaS approach, the setup of the various Salesforce services is done completely online via web-based applications. Local installations of business applications are not required, which significantly facilitates Salesforce outsourcing. Not much more is required of a Salesforce administrator other than an internet connection and expertise. Unlike a permanently employed Salesforce professional, Salesforce outsourcing offers a number of advantages.

Reasons for Salesforce outsourcing

In-house Salesforce admins usually do more than just Salesforce and will often have to worry about other areas of IT as well. They can quickly lose their focus on Salesforce when it comes to higher priority projects or peak working times. A Salesforce outsourcing administrator however will not work on anything else and can easily guarantee a consistent level of performance.

This is accompanied by a significantly higher responsiveness to internal queries and orders. If the IT department is overworked, it can take even longer to set up installations, solve problems or any other type of assistance. A Salesforce outsourcing provider, however, can ensure higher availability and faster response times.

Scalability is also much better with a Salesforce outsourcing agency since it will usually support several customers at once. It also has the necessary staff to be able to quickly respond to short-term needs.

Since the Salesforce service is used company-wide it is very important to be able to quickly resolve potential downtime. 24/7 availability can only be implemented internally with high additional costs, but it is usually no problem for a Salesforce outsourcing provider.

External Salesforce specialists also have the advantage when it comes to expertise. Since they need to take care of various implementations in many different scenarios, they have already gained experienced from the many problems, solutions and approaches that a Salesforce professional deals with. An internal Salesforce Administrator will usually first have to research them or learn about them on their own.

Salesforce outsourcing to India

outsourcing4work can provide you with an Indian Salesforce specialist with extensive practical experience. India is an excellent location for Salesforce outsourcing because there is a large amount of highly qualified IT professionals who offer their expertise at low rates. India is not the most important provider of IT outsourcing in the world for no reason.

With us, Salesforce outsourcing is possible for projects on an hourly basis or at a fixed price. If you have a particularly complex IT project, you can also easily book an entire team.

You conclude the contract directly with us as a European company. This guarantees legal certainty and proper implementation. We coordinate all the detail for problem-free cooperation with the help of our own Scrum project managers.

IT outsourcing: five privacy tips for virtual teams

IT outsourcing is a big trend, especially in countries like Germany with high salary costs. By implementing complete IT projects in India and other countries with low salary levels, the normally high development costs can be significantly reduced.

However, companies also like to strengthen existing local teams with individual experts. Companies with development departments spread across several locations can easily integrate a virtual team member with online collaboration tools. They are used to working over distance and can easily take part in important team meetings with colleagues on other continents thanks to broadband connections and professional video conference technology. The Scrum/Agile methodology which is popular all over the world will ensure clear distribution of tasks and communication.

Data protection is often neglected

In virtually managed projects data security is all too often neglected. If you use IT outsourcing with offshore providers, you should definitely keep the following points in mind.

The most important step is to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at the conclusion of the contract. Let the NDA contractually guarantee the confidentiality of all your sensitive data with your outsourcing partner. In addition to the legal aspect, it will make it clear that the confidential handling of your data is important to you.

This is especially true for complex projects, when you allow access to your own server or team accounts in the cloud to external partners. Pay attention to rights management, which lets you set exactly what data is shared with whom. Setting up separate user accounts that can be deleted after the end of the collaboration is a must. For this reason, access data that is shared by multiple employees should never be shared.

Your employees will also share manual data with the external partners or employees. Before and during collaboration, create guidelines on what can be shared, how and in what medium.

Use encrypted connections, encrypted files and password-protected accounts for all shared data, no matter through what medium or service; the encryption function built in to Microsoft Office or ZIP compressor is an easy way to ensure high levels of data protection – even if other aspects are neglected. If the computer or files fall into the wrong hands, then this method will protect them from unauthorised access.

You should also make sure that you choose and specify exactly which external services should be used for data exchange. Not all popular online services are equally trusted, as you can see from the increasing amount of hacked and ultimately leaked user accounts. The passwords used for these services should be up to date with modern security standards.

Trust is good – control is better

If you keep all these points in mind, then you have already achieved a lot. As a manager or team lead you should not automatically trust that your employees or outsourcing partners will follow them.

The better you communicate the importance of data protection internally, and take decisive action, the higher the level of data security you will reach. An unclear email is worse than a team meeting in which you can talk through all the points and make your individual stance clear. And you can perhaps take over the managing of the accounts and access rights, or transfer them to a security office or administrator.

You can’t really do this with regards to the outsourcing partner, and therefore you will need to choose the right professional and reputable provider.

outsourcing4work can help you here. We are specialised in the procurement of reliable and excellently educated outsourcing professionals, and, as your contract partner, we will take over the responsibility of proper implementation. We will keep an eye on all activities with our own Scrum/Agile project managers, and will ensure that your project is realised exactly as you want it to be.

WordPress Outsourcing to India: Cost Advantages for Websites

You can find a professional WordPress developer through WordPress outsourcing to India, all without high costs. The worldwide popularity of the content management system (CMS) makes it much easier to find the right professionals, and experienced WordPress developers can be found in all corners of the globe.

According to user statistics for CMS systems, WordPress is by far the most popular system. According to statistics from W3Techs, WordPress has a whopping market share of nearly 60%, and if you can believe the numbers, a global share of nearly 26% of all websites run on the popular CMS.

WordPress outsourcing for new websites, maintenance and optimisation

WordPress outsourcing can be used very flexibly thanks to its various contract models, and creating new websites is only one form of it. For less complex website projects, you or an employee can do at least some of the basic set up yourselves.

The easy installation and the modular approach of WordPress enable virtually anyone to set up their own website, even without any programming skills. Every WordPress website uses a combination of WordPress software for the interface and templates for the basic design, as well as plugins for the individual features and elements.

WordPress outsourcing to India is so affordable that it is well worth it to hand over complete setup to a suitable web designer or WordPress developer. It can also be worthwhile to hire a specialist for the maintenance and optimisation of an existing WordPress website. Performance, security and regular maintenance are the main focus points for a developer.

WordPress outsourcing to strengthen your security

WordPress suffers from more hacker attacks than any other CMS, and the CMS is hacked 24% more often than other products. One reason for this is its high popularity, just like Windows or Android. Hackers specialise in mass-produced goods because the yield from automated attacks is usually much higher. Only security plugins (such as Wordfence, All in One WP Security & Firewall) or manual modifications to the CMS code can protect a WordPress website against manual or automated attacks. A website can be secured with the right WordPress outsourcing.

WordPress outsourcing for maintenance

If you don’t keep your WordPress page up to date, vulnerabilities will arise that hackers can exploit. In addition, plugins that are no longer compatible can lead to problems with the functions of the website. Therefore, regular WordPress maintenance is a must.

This includes updates for the CMS itself, the templates and installed plugins, regular backups, regular database optimisation and, depending on the situation, statistics analysis and log files.

WordPress outsourcing for performance optimisation

A WordPress specialist can optimise your webserver, the PHP and MySQL installations and WordPress itself for better performance. This almost always includes the use of Minify and caching plugins. Websites with many page views from various countries can increase accessibility and reduce loading times with a content delivery network (CDN) such as CloudFlare.

Since all of the activities described above are done completely online, you can easily use an affordable offshore provider in India. If you are interested in WordPress outsourcing to India, we at outsourcing4work are happy to take over finding a suitable provider for you.

We have specialised in the recruitment of Indian professionals and will easily find a suitable expert for your project. You can book a WordPress specialist in India at a fixed rate, or hire an engineer on an hourly basis. We offer all outsourcing options and our project managers guarantee professional implementation. Contracts are concluded with us as a European company, which will provide you with additional legal security.

Offshoring vs. Outsourcing: The Main Differences

Offshoring vs. outsourcing suggests a strong separation between these two business process outsourcing approaches. However, despite what this comparison would suggest, outsourcing and offshoring can very strongly overlap. Rather, it is their basic philosophies that distinguishes the two. For clean separation, it makes sense to use nearshoring as a possible third approach. Let me explain these differences with the example of software development.

Nearshoring vs. offshoring vs. outsourcing

In nearshore software development companies bring in specific software developers into the company without permanently hiring them. In contrast to other models, nearshore software development refers to software developers who are in the same time zone as you. This facilitates communication and coordination because both the client and the nearshore software development provider share the same working hours. In addition to a greater cultural proximity, the geography also plays an important role, since it is easier to bring a nearshore software developer into the company for a visit if necessary.

Offshore software development uses developers from distant countries, and India in particular plays a prominent role here. The coordination is somewhat more complicated, however at the same time offshoring offers the largest savings potential. India has positioned itself as an important IT nation and offers more than 55% of all outsourcing services worldwide. The combination of excellently trained software developers, English as a working language and low salaries which are almost unrivalled makes it hard for other countries to compete with India when it comes to IT offshoring.

Outsourcing is also an onshore strategy, which is feasible in your own country, nearshore or even offshore. Naturally, the IT sector is more dynamic in terms of outsourcing than other sectors of the economy. The offshore realisation of projects through suitable providers, or building your own offshore branch is already common practice.

It’s no surprise that even large IT corporations are taking advantage of offshoring-outsourcing and have built up their own large locations in India over the years. IBM employs more than 150,000 Indian employees, Accenture 80,000 and even the software giant Oracle is well represented with 80,000 employees.

From offshoring vs. outsourcing to offshore-outsourcing

With outsourcing4work you can easily realise important IT projects in India with offshore-outsourcing and save huge amounts of money. Creating websites and online shops, app development and SAP or MySQL database development are just a few examples of offshore IT projects possible with us.

outsourcing4work is not purely a service provider, but it takes on the responsibility for the success of your project as a European contract partner. You can hire temporary employees, complete a project at a fixed price or hire an entire team who will work exclusively for you, all through us.

IT Offshoring: India is the First Stop

India has long held the leading position for IT offshoring. The Asian country holds a considerable share of 55% of the international outsourcing market. Clients from all over the world appreciate the relatively unbureaucratic management in the country, as well as the high IT expertise of Indians.

While China rose to economic power as the so-called workbench of the world over the last decades, India developed itself as the market leader in the area of IT services. As a former English colony and established democracy, India found it easy to enter the global collaborative economy.

The fluent English language skills of an emerging Indian middle class played a large role in the rise to the world’s most respected IT offshoring nation. English is the second native language for more educated Indians and, therefore, for Indian IT professionals, who completed school and university in English. In difficult situations this makes it much easier to be able to communication with international clients. IT professionals from China or other low-wage countries are at a definite disadvantage.

IT offshoring is not only worth it for large corporations

Before the turn of the century, the first large outsourcing wave hit India as branches became established there. British Airways was suffering from increasing competition and high staff costs at the end of the 1990s, and moved a division of 300 employees to India.

Meanwhile, many major corporations became active in IT offshoring, and companies in the IT sector built up their own sites in India. IBM employs more than 150,000 Indian employees, Accenture 80,000 and even the software giant Oracle is well represented with 80,000 employees.

Thanks to the internet revolution and the expansion of broadband connections, IT outsourcing changed and became a large, completely virtual service outsourcing sector. Thanks to IT offshoring nearly every service can be affordably outsourced to India, from web design to business process outsourcing (BPO) for office jobs, digital photo editing, up to application software and mobile apps.

If you are considering software development or other complex IT services outsourcing to India, you will be in good company and will not need to enter the market alone. In India there are companies specialised in offshore IT outsourcing with hundreds or even thousands of employees who specialise in the specific needs of long-distance cooperation.

Professional support when offshoring

If you would like to take advantage of IT offshoring for your company, we are glad to help. We provide specialised IT professionals from all areas for cooperation with international clients. Creating websites and online shops, app development and SAP or MySQL database development are just a few examples of activities that can be outsourced to India with us.

We do not only act solely as a provider for IT offshoring, but also assume responsibility for implementation as your European contract partner. We ensure that your orders are processed exactly as you want them to be. We use our own project managers who are trained in Scrum/Agile who guarantee optimal communication and cooperation with you throughout the entire project phase. 

Find a PHP Developer as an Affordable Outsourcing Professional

PHP developers are expensive – and hard to find. If you have ever been on the search for a top-rate PHP developer, then you understand the problem. The popularity of PHP as a programming language is very high, but the supply of well-trained professionals can’t really keep up with demand.

The boom in complex web applications is to blame. Nearly all of them run on LAMP Stack, which stands for Linux as an operating system, the open source web server Apache, MySQL as a server side database software and PHP as the programming language. As internet statistics show, nearly 82% of web applications run on PHP.

PHP developers develop a huge amount of what we see in our browser windows. This also includes hybrid apps for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and other mobile platforms, which work with HTML, CSS and PHP.

PHP developer – traditional fields of use

PHP developers work in various areas and specialise accordingly. They are not always involved in the development of new web applications because the further development and expansion of existing systems takes up an even larger share. PHP has existed since 1995 and more and more outdated PHP systems need their operation improved.

The complexity of PHP web applications should rarely be tackled by only one PHP developer, it is usually done in teams. There are always more and more specialists in certain areas: back end professionals, front end developers, security experts and more.

Back end PHP developers are primarily responsible for the part of the web application running on the server side, and know the pitfalls of performance and data management. Front end PHP developers are well experienced in usability and user experience. Full stack PHP developers are experienced in both area, and are therefore expensive and usually interested in a position as Lead Developer or Project Leader.

In addition to the work on proprietary web applications, many PHP developers also work in the field of CMS development on plugins and templates. Ultimately, nearly all modern content management systems (CMS) run on PHP, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and Typo3. The knowledge profile of a PHP developer will differ accordingly. They are usually very heavily focused on existing web applications, and might not have the necessary toolkit for other tasks.

PHP developer with framework experience

Nowadays, hardly anyone produces pure code for hundreds of PHP and HTML files in a manually-crafted structure. PHP frameworks play an important role in this regard, like in other programming languages. Handling running PHP framework requires special knowledge and experience, which is why job advertisements will list the necessary knowledge the applicant should have.

The PHP frameworks Zend or Symfony are usually used in complex PHP web applications. These development environments are powerful and it is not very easy to learn them. There are also more streamlined development environments which are optimised for performance such as CakePHP, CodeIgniter or Yii.

The Wikipedia category for PHP frameworks shows nearly 40 different PHP frameworks that PHP developers can specialise in. If you are looking for a PHP developer you should pay careful attention to which PHP frameworks and which versions the developer is experienced in. Various certifications, such as ones given for Zend framework, can be helpful in the selection.

Indian PHP developer

India is a good starting place to find an excellent PHP developer who is affordable. Many companies are increasingly relying on full or partial outsourcing of developer activities. The significantly lower cost of living in India creates a huge cost advantage when compared to Europe.

You can find an Indian PHP developer for €20 per hour as an outsourcing professional. In Germany, for example, you will need to pay €65 for the same profile.

At outsourcing4work we can help you take advantage of these cost advantages and find a suitable PHP developer for you. We do not only act as a provider, but we as the contract partner, and our project managers, will take over the responsibility to ensure that your project is successfully implemented.

Depending on your needs, you can find an individual PHP developer as a temporary employee to strengthen your team, or have a complete project realised in India at a fixed price. You can also hire a complete team who will work exclusively for you in India.

Onshore vs. offshore vs. nearshore software development

For many companies, nearshore software development is the first foray into the outsourcing world. And it’s usually only done out of necessity. The search for a suitable software developer will often start to drag on because many employers will be competing for the same candidates. IT professionals are accordingly picky and, in addition to the salary, pay attention to numerous additional factors such as location, corporate culture, flexible work schedules and work perks.

With nearshore software development you will bring the right professionals into your company without having to permanently hire them. In contrast to other models, nearshore software development refers to software developers who are in the same time zone as you. This facilitates communication and coordination because both the client and the nearshore software development provider share the same working hours.

Onshore vs. nearshore software development

Onshore software development still has a greater proximity to the client since only providers from the same country are used. Business partners speak the same language, contracts are made within the same legal and economic framework and it is easy visit the client’s company. Since there is almost no cost advantage to onshore software development, European companies use this alternative far less than nearshore software development.

Offshore vs. nearshore software development

The cost advantages are significantly higher with offshore software development from a European perspective, and India plays the main role as the most important location for offshore outsourcing providers. The Asian country has positioned itself as an important IT nation and offers more than 55% of all outsourcing services worldwide. The combination of excellently trained software developers, English as a working language and low salaries which are almost unrivalled make it hard for other countries to compete. Many companies are then happy to accept more challenging coordination across multiple time zones for these advantages.

How you can combine offshore with onshore outsourcing

With outsourcing4work you can combine the low rates of offshore outsourcing to India with the comfort of onshore outsourcing. With our help you can realise complete software projects in India, and at the same time conclude the contract in Europe. Not only do you conclude the contracts with us as a European company, but you will also benefit from the convenience of a European contact partner.

We work with our own project managers who are specialised in Agile/Scrum and who will take over a large part of the technical coordination for you. We adapt ourselves to your needs with our flexible order models – you can choose between a project at a fixed price or on an hourly basis. You can also hire a team with multiple IT professionals in India for especially complex projects which will work exclusively for you.

What is outsourcing? A short introduction

Are you asking yourself ‘what is outsourcing?’. Then you should quickly brush up on your knowledge because almost nothing happens without outsourcing in today’s globalised economy.

To fully answer the question ‘what is outsourcing’ a blog entry will be too short. According to the dictionary definition, outsourcing is a generic term for handing over tasks to external or even internal service providers. At the heart of outsourcing stands a focus on core competencies, a rise in efficiency and, above all, a reduction of costs. I will only give you a brief outline of the most important types of outsourcing.

What is outsourcing? Onshore vs. nearshore vs. offshore outsourcing

The terms onshore, nearshore, and offshore are used to describe the distance between client and outsourcing provider in outsourcing. The word shore does not need to be taken literally.

Onshore outsourcing means that only suppliers from a company’s own country or economy are used. Business partners speak the same language, contracts are made within the same legal and economic framework and it is easy to visit the client’s company.

Nearshore outsourcing leaves behind the language and/or economy of the client, but is still within the same time zone of the provider. This facilitates communication and the coordination as well because both the client and the outsourcing provider share the same working hours.

Offshore outsourcing prefers takes advantage of particularly high cost savings rather than being close to the provider. The provider is usually found on a different continent. India is the market leader in IT outsourcing with a share of over 55%.

BPO – what is business process outsourcing?

BPO, or business process outsourcing, refers to handing over certain business processes which are not among the core competencies of the client. This especially includes repetitive office tasks with high personnel costs such as online or offline data collection through manual entry, or special software tools, data extraction from existing online data sources, data cleansing according to specific criteria, research tasks, catalogue management or photo editing.

BPO could also mean hiring a virtual assistant who takes on a variety of tasks on demand or completely outsourcing an external call center to a support team.

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing refers to elaborate services such as software development, web development or setting up a cloud-based IT infrastructure. Because IT experts in Europe are very expensive, IT outsourcing accesses the high expertise of Indian professionals at low rates.

How you can take advantage of India for offshore outsourcing

With outsourcing4work you can combine the low rates of offshore outsourcing to India with the comfort of onshore outsourcing. With our help you can realise complete projects via BPO or IT outsourcing in India, and at the same time conclude the contract in Europe.

Our own project managers who are specialised in Agile/Scrum and who work in Europe will take over a large amount of the technical coordination. They will also be accessible for you at any time. Contracts are concluded with us as a European company, which will provide you with additional legal security.

We will adapt to all your individual needs with our flexible models. You can realise a project at a fixed price, or with temporary employees. For especially complex projects you can hire a team of IT professionals in India who will work exclusively for you.

High-quality Windows software with affordable .NET outsourcing

With .NET outsourcing you will use the very widespread .NET class library from Microsoft for Windows software development. This pays off if the code base and single modules are later developed by other developers. The main factor for .NET outsourcing is the significantly reduced development work in .NET, which is then later reflected in lower costs.

.NET outsourcing software according to modular design

A source code which is easily read by humans is then compiled in .NET software, then translated into machine language for the program execution. In contrast to applications that are directly present in machine language, software developed with .NET outsourcing uses the .NET framework offered by Windows to run.

Software developers can then use the built-in class libraries for standard functions and tasks that are often repetitive. The corresponding instructions can then be included modularly into their programs.

.NET currently knows 12,000 classes for these tasks which are categorised into 300 namespaces. The typical pre-built processes thanks to software classes include:

  • Read and write operations on files in certain formats
  • Mathematical calculations such as random numbers
  • Standard Windows UI elements such as buttons, toolbars, menus, and dialog box
  • Queries for existing databases

Because .NET always depends on the .NET framework to run, the software runs automatically on all systems it is available for. Software written for the .NET framework 4.0 runs from XP to Windows 10 on all Windows versions, and Windows Vista with version number 4.5 as well. Currently the .NET framework 4.6 is on Windows 10.

Free choice of languages with .NET outsourcing

In .NET outsourcing you will benefit from the language openness of the software platform. A .NET outsourcing partner is not limited to a specific programming language, which makes the selection of a suitable provider much easier. .NET can be programmed into every language that has a .NET compiler – and there are quite a few.

Microsoft has languages exactly for this purpose such as VB.NET, C#, C++/CLI, JScript.NET, ASP.NET, J# or F#, which can run perfectly with .NET. As the names indicate, these are advanced implementations of already existing languages. There are also compliers from other manufacturers for other languages which can be used via .NET outsourcing.

.NET outsourcing to India

If you are looking for experienced .NET software developers who are experienced in the newest .NET framework 4.6.1, .NET outsourcing to India offers you huge savings opportunities. Indian .NET developers have already made a name for themselves in many international projects and have an excellent reputation.

outsourcing4work can provide you with Indian .NET professionals such as these without any problems. You can realise .NET projects through us at a fixed price, or alternatively you can hire temporary employees. You can also hire entire teams who work exclusively for you.

Our own project managers will ensure that the cooperation over distance is optimally coordinated. Contracts are concluded with us as a European company, which will provide you with additional legal security.