How you can save money with professional photo processing in India

Professional photo processing is a must in today’s modern business world. Thanks to the triumph of digital photography, the amount of image material has skyrocketed; however even the most expensive professional equipment cannot guarantee good results. Professionals are indispensable to successfully edit images.

In contrast to taking pictures, truly professional picture editing takes a lot of time and requires a good eye for details, as well as finesse and technical understanding. Editing large amounts of images in a sophisticated way is a job for professional graphic designers and image editors.

What professional photo processing can do for you

Photo processing refers to the qualitative improvement of images by correcting the contrast, brightness, saturation, gamma and colour intensity. Nearly every hobby photographer is familiar with the necessary tools for this job, and you can even find them in simple smartphone apps. As any beginner will soon find out, it is not so easy to use them to achieve the best possible results. Often, a newbie will make the images worse.

Professional photo editing covers more than just these relatively simple tasks however. Modifications such as noise reduction, image sharpening, cropping, straightening and free-form selecting objects are just part of the skill set of a professional photo editor. Photos will change so much through replacing the background, removing objects and black dots or by increasing the size of people or objects relatively to the background, that they will have little in common with the original image.

This type of work is part of daily life in fashion and product photography. Real professional image editing differs from amateur work in that you are not able to notice any of the edits and the pictures appear to be real. In addition to work done by hand, certain tools such as colour-calibrated monitors, digitizers and electronic drawing tablets are also used.

Professional image processing in India: the advantages

Since professional image editing requires no or just rudimentary foreign language skills, this job can be easily handed over to a provider abroad. You can find a suitable expert all over the world, and they work with more or less the same techniques and tools. Photoshop is the undisputed market leader – nearly everyone has at least heard the name. However, there are also other programs that will do the same job.

Professional photo editing in India is especially attractive thanks to the low rates. Due the booming IT outsourcing sector you can find a top provider there without much effort. And since English can be easily used as the working language, it is simple to communicate with the local photo professionals there. Providers from China or other low-wage countries can’t compete.

If you are interested in professional image editing in India, then we at outsourcing4work are the perfect contact partner. We have contact with many Indian providers who are specialised in image editing for various themes. We will easily find the right photo professional for your theme and specific requirements.

Have your photos edited – affordably and quickly with outsourcing

Editing photos is a daily task in photography, but not necessarily a well-loved one. Editing large amounts of images takes a long time, and is also a very monotonous and uncreative job. Many photographers spend up to twice as much time on editing photos as they do taking them.

Outsourcing to a professional photo editor can be a true coup here, since it will give a photographer extra time for additional jobs and more interesting tasks. Even an accordingly low-priced graphic designer or photo specialist can increase their profits this way.

Editing photos yourself vs. outsourcing

Here is a sample calculation for a large photo shoot: image that you as a photographer have an extensive gallery of 700 images from an event. You will most likely hand over around 150 images to the client. You have already spent a long time viewing and selecting the photos, and you now need to retouch 150 images individually to make them perfect.

If you calculate 10 minutes per picture, you will need 1,500 minutes to complete them all, which is about 25 hours. You will most likely need twice that for photos that require complex editing. If you include breaks in the calculation you will spend days only editing photos, and are blocked off from any other job.

Instead, hand over editing photos to an outsourcing provider who can share this work among multiple photo professionals and who will most likely be done in a day. You can then give your happy client the beautiful finished images in record time and start on a new project. Since your photo specialist is located in India, they only cost a fraction of your monthly wage. In this way you can increase your monthly earning by a larger amount than that which you need to invest in photo editing in India.

The more photos you have to edit, the more this approach pays off. However, as was shown in the sample calculation, it will even pay off for small amounts of images.

More than colour, brightness and contrast

In addition to a qualitative improvement in the image thanks to contrast correction, as well as to the brightness, saturation, gamma and colour, an outsourcing photo professional in India will also take on tasks that go beyond just editing photos. Image material that was shot under difficult conditions or was given to you to edit by clients can have the noise reduced, be sharpened or straightened by your Indian partner. They can also perform tasks such as cropping, removing backgrounds and black dots, increasing the background relative to the people and object or targeted colour manipulation according to specific criteria. With some skill, you can perhaps even hand over image editing jobs which can be realised at a low price in India. You can earn a lot of money with such a reseller-business model.

outsourcing4work can easily provide you with a service provider in India who will fit your needs. We have contacts with many professional photo professionals and agencies who are specialised in photo editing for outsourcing clients.

Photo Editing Services: Affordable Outsourcing to India

Editing photos can be a time consuming and cumbersome task. This is especially true if you have hundreds or even thousands of individual images to sort through, and need to have a large volume of images manually edited.

This is often a chore for professional photographers, one which takes away time from actual shooting. According to the International Society of Professional and Wedding Photographers, photo editing takes up twice as much time as the photography itself. It’s the same for their colleagues in event photography – especially when shooting fairs or galas.

Outsourcing: when professionals edit photos affordably

Editing and optimising photos is usually a task for professional graphic designers and image editors. Luckily you can find them all over the world, and, since linguistic knowledge plays almost no role in photo editing, you can easily use offshore outsourcing and delegate this task to professionals abroad.

Photographers who have their photos edited by image professionals in India can use this new free time for additional work. Since a professional photographer’s hourly wage is much higher than that of an Indian retouching professional, they can even increase their own productivity and personal profit. Usually this task will then be done even faster, since an outsourcing agency specialising in photo editing can distribute the retouching among several employees – even overnight orders of a large scale are possible.

In addition to a qualitative improvement in the image thanks to contrast correction, as well as to the brightness, saturation, gamma and colour, specialised photo editing providers in India will also take on tasks that go above and beyond photo editing. In addition to noise reduction, sharpness, cropping and straightening, they can also perform tasks such as trimming, removing the background and black dots, increasing the background relative to the people and object or targeted colour manipulation according to specific criteria.

However, not only professional photographers can benefit Indian outsourcing providers specialised in photo editing. For companies in the media industry or any other institution that needs to regularly work through large amounts of photos, outsourcing to external professionals is often useful.

A real estate agent will often get photos from clients which are of a low quality, or they will hire their own employee to regularly work on the many property images. Event and advertising agencies also work with a lot of images, be it for clients, their own home page or image databases.

For results that are as professional as possible, only real image specialists should edit photos, although this is not always the case. Your own employees might be able to do a simple retouching of a few images. If you are under time pressure or have a large amount of photos it can be well worth it to use an Indian agency.

Photo editing services: how to find a provider

outsourcing4work can provide you with an Indian outsourcing agency for professional photo editing. We can easily find a perfectly suited provider based on the subject and your specific requirements. We have contact to many professional image agencies who are specialised in photo editing for a wide range of topics. We always pay attention to references and demo image material to give you the highest quality at the lowest rates.

Why photo editing is worth it as an outsourcing service

Photo editing is usually a task for professional graphic designers and image editors. Despite this, photo editing is often a large part of a professional photographer’s job, more than their actual area of expertise – photography. What the statistics given by the international society of professional and wedding photographer show is no different to their colleagues in fashion, PR and agency photography. Photo editing takes up twice as much time as photography!

Source: The Secret Life Of Wedding Photographers, ISPWP 2009

When is photo editing outsourcing worth it

Professional photographers can do away with a large part of photo editing with outsourcing, and maximise their profits at the same time. The increase in free time means that they can take on additional work.

If you assume that you took more than 700 images as a photographer at a trade fair, you will need to give at least 150 photos to the client. You will spent a lot of time on the perspective, arrangement and selection of the raw material, but then the work really gets started.

The 150 photos must be each individually retouched, which can easily take from twenty to thirty minutes per image. If you apply that to the 150 photos, that would take you around 62.5 hours for this job alone. If you are extremely skilled and quick, you might finish it in about forty hours.  But you will still need to take breaks for this work – which requires high levels of concentration.

If you hand over a part of this photo editing to an outsourcing agency in India, you will benefit in two ways. On the one hand, your own hourly wage as a professional photographer is much higher than that of an India photo editing professional. If you use the additional free time for extra jobs, you can pocket the difference. And because an outsourcing agency specialised in photo editing can spread the work amongst many employees, you will get results even faster than if you had spent all your time on it yourself.

Advanced photo editing

In addition to a qualitative improvement in the image thanks to contrast correction, as well as correcting the brightness, saturation, gamma and colour, specialised providers in India will also take on tasks that go above and beyond photo editing.

In addition to noise reduction, sharpness, cropping and straightening, it can also be trimming, removing the background and black dots, increasing the background relative to the people and object or targeted colour manipulation according to specific criteria.

The most important is that it is done exactly according to your specifications. This can be done in larger sets of photos with example/test images with feedback.

References and demo images

Before you contract an outsourcing provider with your photo editing, you can also browse through their references and sample material. This will not only give you information on their technical skills, but will also help you see if the image agency meets your visual requirements.

outsourcing4work is happy to arrange a suitable provider for you. We have contact to many professional image agencies who are specialised in photo editing for a wide range of topics. In addition, we provide you with legal certainty – you can conclude the contract directly with us as a European company. We will then ensure proper implementation.

Free-form select your photos with Indian graphic professionals

If you have to frequently free-form select photos – as a photographer, media agency or company – it is worth it to use a photo specialist.

It’s the same if you have particularly complex images to free-form select which have different borders which make the task extremely difficult, yet the results still have to be perfect.

Free-form selecting images: partially or completely

When free-form selecting the background does not necessarily need to be removed from the image, nor any distracting objects. Partial free-form select removes unimportant areas of the image by minimising contrasts or sharpness, which preserves the context of the image. Knowledge and attention to detail are a must to be able to achieve good results, in comparison to simply removing individual objects.

Related and secondary tasks

If you free-form select, there are often still a large amount of additional tasks to complete. These typically include removing black points or other inaccuracies, and optimising the contrast, sharpness and brightness.

Product photos or images of objects that will be further processed later can have their background changed after free-form selecting, people or objects enlarged against a background and colour manipulated. You can also have a number of options for each picture which you can then use in various ways.

Selection criteria for the right provider

Before you free-form select your images, you should take a look at references and sample material, in addition to the rates. Results can differ with particularly demanding images. If non-destructive editing in RAW format or modifying metadata is important, this can lead to additional costs.

It is also important to pay attention to the reputation of the agency for personal or confidential material, and the precautions each provider makes for data protection.

outsourcing4work is happy to take on these tasks, and will find you an affordable and experienced graphic designer from India for free-form selecting your photos. We can make the right offer for you depending on the urgency, scope and complexity of the work. We will take over the order processing for you and you will conclude the contract with us.

Photo editing at budget rates: Indian providers make it possible

If you would like to have photos edited professionally, you don’t have to find an expensive graphic designer from Europe. Indian photo editors will do this work at a fraction of the cost, and you won’t have to compromise on high quality.

You can have photo editing done in various ways – you will find experienced specialists in India for each method, specialists who do nothing else every day. This can include the retouching, colour enhancement or restoration of old photos, as well as extensive manipulation with Adobe Photoshop. Short-term photo editing of large image collections or a continuous service for companies in the media industry is possible with Indian providers.

Photo editing services: quality is important

Professional results can only be achieved by an experienced provider. Simpler photo editing can perhaps be done by an in-house marketing team, or with a graphic designer who works with you.

If you are under time pressure or have a large amount of photos it can be well worth it to use an Indian agency. The high wage differences between India and Europe make this possible, even for small budgets. Here are a few examples where using an Indian provider is well worth it:

Photo editing event pictures

You organised an event and now high huge stacks of high-resolution images with many important subjects. Since you didn’t hire a professional photographer the brightness, contrast and colour quality is not ideal for most of the pictures. Rather than subjecting your employees to the tedious work of editing hundreds or thousands of images with a photo editing program, you can just hire an Indian professional.

Real estate agents: photo editing property images

As a real estate agent you constantly receive images from clients which are bad quality, and your own in-house photographer is busy. Through continuous collaboration with an Indian photo editor you will always have perfectly edited imaged for your properties.

Web agencies: photo editing images of products, presentations and people

Web agencies work with a lot of images and also use professional photo databases. These PR professionals like to hand over these tedious photo editing for large projects to external agencies. They can concentrate on their own creative work thanks to the out of house realisation. Raw material, sketches and designs can be given to the Indian graphic designers, who then create glossy brochures or other material in high quality.

Restoration: photo editing old photos

As a publisher you would like to publish a biography and have a large amount of very old, scratched, ripped or yellowed family photos. Experienced image specialists can expertly restore these very important photos.

outsourcing4work can help you in all of these cases, and will introduce you to a suitable Indian provider who will deliver you the highest quality at low rates. We have a large network of suitable partners for every type of job.

Free-form selecting: why outsourcing is worth it for businesses

Let’s assume you operate an online shop. No matter what you’re selling – textiles, bags, toys or shoes – you will constantly need large amounts of high-quality photos for your shop. And the products in these images must be perfectly staged. These photos are the basic tools of your sales and play a large role in your company’s image. It is extremely important to pay attention to quality here.

Free-form selecting: professionals are the best choice for quality

The object of the photo should be the central focus of the image, and should be placed in front of a neutral background to ensure that no inappropriate background details distract the viewer. Free-form selecting means that the object is isolated from the background. The next step is placing the isolated image onto a new background with an image editing process. This is a complex operation, which is why professionals rely on trusted photo editing services: hardly any advertising does not use any free-form selecting. Advertising agencies, as well as photographers, photo studios, online shops and mail order companies are the target groups of these providers.

Professional providers let you save time and money in photo editing

However, free-form selecting photos is not as easy as many people think it is.  Living things are especially difficult to clip. Hair and fur require a lot of expertise. Delicate details can only be removed from the background with meticulous work and the right tools. In many cases it’s not only about cleanly clipping out the object, but also changing the mirroring and the shadow effects, adjusting perspectives or inserting backgrounds. Many online shops place high importance on the precise scaling of the size of an image for their shop system.

There are many complex software programs for image editing – however they take time to learn. It is also especially important to use these clipping tools if you want to have perfect results – regardless of the complexity of the source material. In addition, shop operators often have a large number of photos that need to be edited this way. It often makes sense to delegate this service to a professional company. However, this is also a cost factor for the company.

Save money when free-form selecting photos: try it with professionals from India!

What is the alternative? Buy a software program to free-form select images and train your own employees for this complicated work? Or rely on a fast and professional handling and optimise the costs? More and more companies are choosing the second option and adding outsourcing service providers into their business models. outsourcing4work offers high quality services and works with highly qualified and reputable partner companies in India, companies who are specialised in free-form selecting. There are hundreds of companies on the subcontinent which are specialised in photo editing services, and have acquired great expertise in this area. India is the top outsourcing market in the world – the local professionals have over hundreds of specially trained and experienced employees who can be flexibly hired by European companies according to order volume. These service providers offer these services at exceptional rates thanks to the large difference in salaries.  Which is a huge plus for European clients.

Your contract partner would not be these photo service providers however, which is yet another advantage! Your contract partner would be outsourcing4work. This gives clients the advantage that they have a German and English speaking project manager who can explain your project and who will take over contact to India for you. It is also important to note that the partner company is located in Europe, which means that it is based in the European legal system.

Professional image editing is a must for online shops – but it takes a lot of time

An increasing amount of companies who sell their goods or services online are using professional image editing: retouching product images and technical recordings, as well as editing and colourising property photos for real estate agents, or pictures of attractive rooms in hotels and restaurants.  When a large amount of photos needs to be edited, as online shops or mail order companies are always bringing in new products, it makes sense to delegate these tasks to a professional company. However, this can cost quite a bit, and clients are then faced with the problem that they would like to optimise costs for digital image editing, but still would like them to be high quality and the handling should be fast. There is a solution: you can have both quality and low rates with the services of an external specialist from India.

Image editing: save time and money with outsourcing!

Photo editing services form India provide you with a high quality image editing service for professional company photos which saves the company time and money. Some of the services in the area of image processing include:

  • Retouching close-ups
  • Editing building shots
  • Restoring historical photos
  • Colourising company photos
  • Retouching product images
  • Free-form selecting product images
  • Creating 360 degree panorama shots

Many of these highly qualified and specialised companies in image processing are based in India. India has become the world’s largest outsourcing market. There are many companies on the subcontinent which are specialised in photo services and very experienced in this field. These Indian professionals employ hundreds of specially trained and experienced employees who can be hired by European companies flexibly, according to project volume. These employees work shift patterns and are also available over the weekend. The service providers offer these services at exceptional rates thanks to the large difference in salaries – which is a huge plus for European clients.

When everything needs to be perfect: image editing by professionals for professionals

A further advantage for companies who would like to outsource their image editing to India: you are delegating complicated tasks to external workers who can complete these tasks better than your own employees – they are trained in using image editing software and have extensive experience in image editing.  And this rapid and perfect image processing comes at an unbeatable price.

If you are interested in outsourcing, you can get in touch with us. We will provide you with the contact to our Indian partner companies and supervise the project from here on out. A plus for clients: we work during European office hours, the business language is German or English and you will have a contact person available in our office for your questions at any time.

Outsourcing professional image processing? Five reasons to choose a service provider from India!

A steadily increasing number of business clients are using professional image processing:  photographers and photo agencies need portraits and wedding pictures to be retouched, real estate agencies get photographs of holiday flats and apartments edited, online shops and mail order companies have thousands of product images that need to be flawless and look professional – whether cropping the image, retouching backgrounds and shadows, or even playing with the colours in the image.  It makes sense to delegate these services to a specialised company, especially if there is a large amount of them that need to be professionally processed.  However, this can cost you. Many companies would like to optimise the costs for professional image processing, and not have to compromise on quick and secure handling.  Outsourcing to India can be the solution – here are 5 reasons why:

Professional image processing: save time and money with outsourcing

  1. High specialisation: there is a huge amount of qualified service providers in India who are specialised in professional image processing. They offer a wide range of photo editing tasks that fit perfectly to the needs of online shops, photographers or web agencies. This includes retouching close-ups as well as editing shots of buildings, restoring historic photos and cropping product images.
  2. Exceptional quality: the Indian subcontinent has become the number one outsourcing market over the last few years. Companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM have contributed by opening a location in India, but the Indian central government has also invested heavily in the development of centres of academic excellence. India has a large amount of specialists in software and IT development, but also many highly qualified people who work in IT related services. They have the knowledge and expertise to use modern software for tasks such as professional image processing.
  3. Diversified supply structure: India is a main location to outsource business processes, IT services or even back office tasks – including professional image processing. India has more than 50% of the market share on the global offshore market. India’s dominance in outsourcing and the IT service sector is due to many factors: millions of well-qualified people, as well as the low costs for the recruitment and training of employees, costs for corporate infrastructure and workplaces, as well as the tax aspects.  In addition, Indian companies have developed a wide range of services.
  4. Low costs: India is still a low-wage country. Despite the fact that wages have increased in the last few years, and Indian IT professionals earn very well for the country, wage levels are still far below the rates in European countries. European companies now offer their employees more than just good salaries: flexible work models, company gyms and restaurants are among the many “perks” which take up a lot of investment. It is therefore very affordable for European companies to outsource services such as professional image processing to India.
  5. Great flexibility: India is currently the most competitive and popular outsourcing destination in the global outsourcing and offshoring market, thanks to its large pool of IT experts such as developers and web designers, as well as professionals for the back office and professional image processing. This has been confirmed by various studies. Indian companies employ hundreds, sometimes even thousands of equally qualified employees and can respond flexibly to the needs of their clients in Europe.  If you have a job to retouch thousands of photos, their many employees can professionally process them. They work in shifts seven days a week, and entire teams can be “hired”. This flexibility is one of the great strengths of Indian companies.