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Growth drivers and success factors:
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business process outsourcing refers to the outsourcing a company’s business processes. These business processes are often not the core competencies of the company concerned. However, they can still be critical or even vital to the success of the company.

In the following we will lay out some of the risks of underestimating business process outsourcing and its benefits.

We don’t need business process outsourcing

Some companies avoid using business process outsourcing because they fear the risks, loss of control and high costs. Smaller and medium-sized companies seem to be the most sceptical about business process outsourcing. Larger companies use business process outsourcing much more often, despite the fact they have more internal capacity and expertise.

Processes suitable for BPO sometimes appear to be quite simple. Companies believe that they have enough employees, and are indifferent to what areas the employees actually work in.

There are often also further arguments for using internal employees:

  • No need to introduce external staff to the structures and procedures required.
  • Internal staff is available on demand.
  • The quality of work of their own staff is already known.
  • Costs can be planned for, perhaps for even less than they would be with a BPO.
  • Direct access to employees while they work.
  • Expect shorter processing times.

On closer inspection however, these arguments – or rather objections – against business process outsourcing usually fall flat.

Have you ever thought about outsourcing the data acquisition or data extraction for a project?

Whether amateur or professional
why business process outsourcing is worthwhile

Every day in countless jobs there are daily tasks worth considering for BPO. However, having specialised service providers take over the work is still more the exception than the rule – even though such tasks can be completed much more efficiently with qualified employees.

Here are some facts on the process:

  • Understanding the work

Of course, everyone involved in BPO needs to understand the workflow and their goals, and this is where the chaff can be separated from the wheat amongst outsourcing service providers. outsourcing4work works with project managers in Europe who speak German and English. They work directly with the clients and at any time can take part in personal meetings in our office in Weiterstadt or at the respective client. All the relevant information can be gathered and forwarded on completely, and comprehensively, onto our employees.

  • Flexibility

Companies can decide to use their employees as needed, but nevertheless, will not be able to achieve the flexibility of specialised service providers. outsourcing4work provides its clients with every specialisation and any required capacity in short time. And can reduce them after completion of the project, or after schedule changes, just as quickly. Because our partner companies and we work on a wide variety of project, the utilisation of our employees is secured and we do not need to worry about downtime or overload.  And frankly: of course we hope that our customer’s core business thrives to such an extent that their employees do not need to spend their time on tasks that outsourcing4work can do significantly faster and at lower rates.

  • Quality of work

The work of an internal employee is in most cases beyond question. But in many tasks well-suited for BPO our specialists deliver better results. Why? Because they have extensive experience in business process outsourcing, because they enjoy the work and because they can focus their complete attention on these tasks without having other work to complete at the same time.

  • Costs

Our employees live and work in India. They have a position that is very prestigious, can feed themselves and their families, receive fair rates and enjoy good working conditions. However, we can offer their work at conditions that can’t be met with European employees. BPO with outsourcing4work will always be more cost effective than the same tasks carried out by internal employees in European companies. To see what that means more specifically, take a look at our rates for business process outsourcing.

  • Direct contact

Working with a European contracting party and with European project managers means that you can always get in touch with them during local business hours. outsourcing4work’s clients can enjoy the same direct contact to their teams as they do to internal employees.

All in all, outsourcing4work’s BPO clients have achieved faster, better and more cost-effective results in nearly every case when compared to internal employees with other core competencies.

Business process outsourcing made easy

Even if you have no experience with business process outsourcing up till now, we will make it easy for you. We will explain the process for you and answer any questions. Get in touch with us!

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As your partner, we actively support you in the placement of IT specialists and as consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.

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Together towards the goal

As your partner, we actively support you in the placement of IT specialists and as consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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