Virtual secretary: Affordable for everyone Thanks to Outsourcing

A virtual secretary takes on similar work to a traditional secretary, but because they are not permanently employed, and they work purely online instead of the client’s office, they are much more flexible and affordable.

Earlier these personal assistants were only used by entrepreneurs and powerful executives, but rapid technical development and the global outsourcing market has fortunately changed this.

Virtual secretary from India

India is a major player in this trend. The country has been a leader in IT outsourcing for many years and has 55% of the global outsourcing market. India is also a forerunner for the area of business process outsourcing (BPO), thanks to its excellent professionals who are educated in English.

It is very easy to find a virtual secretary in India. If you are clear on what tasks you want to give them, and what your requirement profile is, then it won’t be hard to find a suitable online assistant.

Possible areas of use

The possibilities with a virtual secretary are very versatile if you take the time to give exact specifications and the appropriate training.

In addition to text-based work such as proofreading, transcription and simple translations, you can also use a virtual secretary for answering emails and the phone. You only need to put redirects on your phone or email, and provide clear instructions.

A virtual secretary can also be useful for internet research, especially if it concerns looking for a lot of information from multiple websites. This could mean competition analysis or simple data extraction which is then entered into Excel spreadsheets, or any collaboration software, which is then made available online.

The same applies to any standardised social media activities. You can trust a virtual secretary to oversee and manage various profiles, which means you don’t need to look after them yourself. They can pass on important feedback from your contacts and the virtual secretary will make sure that there are regularly new posts from you.

If the secretary has the right skills, they could even manage a blog where the virtual secretary posts new content and answers user comments.

Virtual secretary from India: assistance in the selection process

outsourcing4work can find a virtual secretary for you who will fit your requirements exactly. Just let us know what criteria and skills are important to you, and we will find the right assistant who will be available to you around the clock or at specific times. You can also only use a virtual secretary for specific tasks, which are done on a project basis.

We take over coordination, especially in the initial phase of your cooperation, and employ our own project managers for this. You conclude the contract with us as a European company and do not need to worry about any details such as payment abroad, or legal certainty.