Zen Cart

Zen Cart is an open source web shop software

Zen Cart is a free open source shop software. The program was developed in the USA, and in some countries such as Germany, the specific Zen Cart version for that country is an adaption of the American version, and the version fits the needs of the country’s own online shop operators. The German version, for example, is maintained, developed and supported by a team of developers in Germany and Austria.

Zen Cart has dedicated itself to being a free, user-friendly open source shopping cart shopping system to meet the needs of shop operators and buyers, and can be easily set up by any user who has basic computer knowledge.

Zen Cart meets numerous requirements as e-commerce software

It is easy to navigate the products on offer with Zen Cart, as the program offers several special lists in addition to the traditional links between categories and articles. As soon as an object is placed in the shopping cart, a simple order processing takes place. Once the billing data is entered, the customer chooses the shipping method. There are numerous shopping options installed which includes the creation of internet delivery notes in real time. The next step is to then select a payment method from one of the payment modules, PayPal and AuthorizeNet are only two of the integrated modules. Finally, the customer reviews the order, the selected shipping and payment terms and confirms the order. The shop operator is then promptly informed of the order, the customer automatically receives an email with an order confirmation.

Zen Cart offers many advantages: it is simple to set up the program, easy to customise, specific tasks, such as order confirmation, are automated, navigation is clear and promotions, vouchers, gift certificates, newsletters and article notifications can be integrated. In addition, discounts can be offered on individual items or across the shop, which include group and bulk discounts. Search engine optimisation tools are built-in, include the control of meta tags for each item.

You can find more information on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zen_Cart

and on the manufacturer’s website: http://www.zen-cart.com/