xt:Commerce is a modular software for web shops

xt:Commerce is a modular software for online shops. It was programmed on the basis of its predecessor, osCommerce, which was developed by Mario Zanier and Guido Winger and is distributed by the company xt:Commerce GmbH.

Internet shop systems that are free to use are now also an alternative to commercial solutions in the professional sector. osCommerce is one of the most well-known open source shop systems. Multiple offshoots based on osCommerce have developed, which are still similar to the basic version. They are expanded in some areas but modified or made simpler in others. The most famous branch-off, at least on the German market, is xt:Commerce.

PHP and MySQL are necessary technical requirements for xt:Commerce.

There are only a few communities for xt:Commerce

Due to the closed development approach by the xt:Commerce manufacturer, there are few experts in addition to the operators. Therefore, there are not many communities who are able to assist in the further development of the shop system.

There is a sponsor forum for operators that is available for a paid subscription (98.00 euros for the year), which provides support for administrators and developers. However, there are some free community forums where you can share information for free with other users.

You can find more information on xt:Commerce on the manufacturer’s website: http://www.xt-commerce.co.uk/