Xcode is for developing apps for Apple

Xcode is the Apple development environment to develop for Mac OS X and Apple iOS. Because Xcode is only available for Mac OS X, you will need a Mac to use Xcode. Apple offers the app Xcode to developers to download for free. Developers can create apps for iOS devices as well as the Mac OS.

The freeware Xcode from Apple is comprehensive programming software comparable to Visual Studio Express from Microsoft. With the help of the free development environment, you can create and develop apps for all iOS devices as well as the current operating system Mac OS X.

Xcode has a clearly arranged user interface

Xcode offers users many advantages. It has a clean and nicely-arranged user interface. When starting a new project, users are accompanied by an assistant who will help them with the correct settings. Xcode also supports the visual design of the later user interface and the testing and debugging of the software when developing the app.

You will need to be a registered iOS developer with Apple to test, develop and publish apps in the App Store. In addition, you will need an active internet connection for some functions.

You can find more information on Xcode on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xcode

and on the Apple website: https://developer.apple.com/xcode/