On the fast track to your own blog with WordPress

WordPress is a content management system, or software, that lets you create websites and blogs and manage their content. It is characterised by its high level of adaptability, flexibility and ease of use. The WordPress software is an open source software, which means that the code is available to any user and developer. Anyone can download, install and use WordPress for themselves for free.

WordPress is a popular content management system

WordPress is the most commonly used content management system. More than half of all websites that use a content management system use WordPress. WordPress is followed by the other content management systems Joomla, Drupal and Typo3, but it is far ahead of them. Its big advantage for the user is the growing active community around WordPress due to its widespread popularity. Beginners can find help and support in forums.

Although WordPress originally started as pure blogging software, it developed into a complete content management system that lets you realise websites. WordPress is written in the scripting language PHP, which means that a webspace that supports PHP is necessary to install WordPress. In addition, a MySQL database is necessary for storing the contents of the website. The design of a WordPress powered website is controlled by the respective theme, there are thousands of available themes free of charge. There are also premium themes you can buy. They are customisable and more flexible than the free versions, and sometimes they have special functions.

You can find more information on WordPress on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WordPress and on WordPress: https://wordpress.org/