Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile is an operating system for mobile phones from Microsoft

Windows Mobile is an operating system from Microsoft and the predecessor of the Windows Phone. Windows Mobile contains a compilation of applications for mobile devices. Windows Mobile has a long list of precursors: the first smartphone from Microsoft appeared on the market in 2001 – the term smartphone would probably no longer be used from today’s perspective for its hardware and software. The operating system was first called Pocket PC 2002 since it was also intended for small computers.

Windows Mobile was the predecessor of the Windows Phone

The system was renamed to Windows Mobile in 2003 and operated on various mobile devices, for which there were different versions. In later versions, Windows Mobile had many features to offer, such as Office Mobile, a media player with streaming functionality, exchange synchronisation, encrypted WLAN and HTML-enabled mail with the mobile version of Outlook/ Despite this, Windows Mobile suffered from a lack of design for touch handling and good hardware, as well as a direct origin from the PC operating system. This did not create a particularly user-friendly design despite the then comfortable functionality, and diminished the fun of the smartphone.

Windows Mobile only truly became an alternative on the smartphone market with versions 6.1 and 6.5 at the latest. Ultimately, with the appearance of Windows Mobile 6.5 it became clear that it was a bridge version to a completely newly developed system – which was called Windows Phone.

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